Tijanovskaya assures the European Parliament that the protests are neither for nor against Russia

The main opposition candidate in Belarus, Svetlana Tijanovskaya, defended this Tuesday in front of the European Parliament that the protests in her country against the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko are not geopolitical, ie “they are neither against Russia nor for Russia.” Russia “,” neither for the EU nor against the EU “.

During a videoconference intervention from Lithuania, where she is being exiled, the opposition assured that the country has “risen” thanks to unprecedented demonstrations against the Minsk authorities in favor of a “peaceful revolution”. “The demand for free and fair elections is clear,” he said.

“Belarus has risen, we are no longer the opposition, now we are the majority and the peaceful revolution is taking place,” stressed Tijanovskaya, who said that in order to resolve the Belarusian crisis, the authorities must open up in order to move towards a democratic transition agree through a dialogue with the opposition.

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