Three movies to recharge motivation

One of the main characteristics of entrepreneurs is that they are people with a high motivation, that is, with a very charged battery; however, they are also downloaded.

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According to experts, motivation is something like a rare thing that arises from inside a person with enough strength to push them to do what is necessary to complete a dream.

Three movies to recharge motivation
Three movies to recharge motivation

It is like the fuel of that emotional machine that the human being calls heart (nothing to do with the muscular organ that we humans have in the chest). It is an abnormal energy that makes you feel that you inflate like a peacock when you are convinced that you can achieve your goals.

Simply put, the weird thing, the emotional machine's fuel and that abnormal energy are the pile of your life. And as with a battery, the motivation ends or decreases over time, so it is necessary to look for new sources of energy so that your motivation does not discharge completely and you collapse.

One of the main characteristics of entrepreneurs is that they are people with a high motivation, that is, with a very charged battery; however, they are also downloaded. Therefore, it is important to have sources that help you keep that energy constant or recharge it when you are under motivated.

Personally, movies are one of my motivational reload sources. Of course, if it helps to see, go ahead. The goal is for you to inflate yourself like a peacock again, to feel that strange thing that drives you, that once again you fill yourself with that fuel that drives your heart.

If you are an entrepreneur you will always need an extra charge of motivation to consolidate that company that you started or that you are about to start, so today I will share three movies that I personally consider appropriate to recharge the battery when the motivation starts to decay or is already due the soils.


It is the story of Daniel Eugene Ruettiger, “Rudy”, a young man who had dyslexia, who was not brilliant at all (academically speaking), was short and thin, was poor and his first life option was to be a miner, like his father . However, he pursued the dream of his life as few. Although he had everything against him, the fuel of his emotional machine led him to fulfill the greatest dream of his life: playing football with the Irish Fighters of the University of Notre Dame. Although there were only a couple of plays on the field – just a few seconds – his dedication, perseverance and effort placed him as a legend of college football in the United States. Currently, Daniel Eugene Ruettiger is one of the best known motivators on the planet. He has even been to Mexico inspiring many with his life.


It is the story of a young man and his friends who managed to overcome the future they had almost predetermined as workers of a coal mine in Coalwood in West Virginia, in the United States. Almost all the men of the town ended up working as miners, but I was very clear that I didn't want that job in their future. The motivation for not finishing at the mine was found on an October night, when everyone in the town was watching the night sky to watch the passage of the Russian Sputnik satellite. This experience activated that abnormal energy that led him to convince three of his friends to make rockets. After several accidents – some dangerous ones – and incidents with the rockets, the young people were forced to abandon their project and Homer had to work in the mine. However, that motivating energy kept pushing this young man, who decided to continue with the rockets. Homer and his friends developed a project with which they won a national science fair, which obtained university scholarships, something virtually unattainable for a son of a miner. Homer was finally not a miner, but a NASA scientist.


It is the story of Chris Gardner , an African-American man in the city of San Francisco, California, who invested all his savings in the purchase of portable bone density scanners that he thought could sell quickly and at a good profit. This bad investment led his family to a severe crisis, causing the separation of his wife. This crisis left Chris in the care of his son, but without income and without a house. He and his son had to sleep in shelters for the homeless and even in a public toilet in the subway. One day, walking down the street, he met a stockbroker with an incredible sports car, whom he asked what he worked for. This is how he decides to look for an opportunity in a brokerage house, without payment, but with the possibility of becoming a stockbroker. Chris studied at night in the shelters and during the day worked hard to get the position that was disputed by 19 other applicants. Chris developed an ability to get valuable customers; what earned him to be hired. After this episode in his life, Chris Gardner created his own stockbroker company, which he sold years later in a multi-million dollar figure. Today, this man is a renowned speaker, philanthropist and passionate entrepreneur.

As you can see, these are true stories, of flesh and blood characters like you and me. People who found at some point in their lives the source that activated that weird thing we call motivation.

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