Three acceleration programs that can improve your blockchain project

Blockchain technology supports the existence of digital currencies. However, it works for many other projects as well. Projects that could be poised to shake up the industry in 2020 and even next year. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three acceleration programs that can aid your blockchain project.


TrendLab is Renfe’s global startup acceleration program in partnership with Wayra. It is the open innovation center in the field of mobility, transport and logistics. They work hand in hand with startups and the Telefónica and Renfe divisions to accelerate the best projects and create business opportunities together.

What are you looking for?

You look above all IoT solutions, artificial intelligence (machine learning and neural networks), big data, blockchain, virtual / augmented reality, mobility, whose applications aim to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

Three acceleration programs that can improve your blockchain project
Three acceleration programs that can improve your blockchain project

They offer business development with access to the Renfe and Telefónica divisions to do business together and develop collaborations or pilot projects. They also have a personalized mentoring program for each startup that lasts six to nine months. The program assigns the best mentors, experts, technicians and coaches in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to each project, as well as access to Wayra hubs in Latam and Europe.

On the other hand, they have a cash prize of up to EUR 50,000 for the winners of the call with the opportunity to invest in the future.

The program has had three calls so far, including the one in April 2020, where 4 startups were selected from more than 440 projects submitted, with 30 percent of the initiatives outside of Spain being accepted.

The selected persons have the opportunity to access the global network of Wayra «Telefónica» and Renfe as well as to conduct business development with the two companies in Spain.


Wayra invests in mature startups in the telecommunications sector all year round. Mainly in the areas of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Video and AR / VR, Blockchain, Edge, 5G and in general any solution that may be of interest to the future of a telecommunications company or its customers.

Wayra opens the company’s doors to the most disruptive startups so that they can offer their technological solutions to the network of 350 million Telefónica customers in 24 countries.

It is represented at seven hubs in Europe and Latin America with offices in the business ecosystems of 10 countries. In the case of Europe, they have hubs in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), the UK and Germany.

In the case of Latin America, there are three regional hubs: Brazil, Hispam Norte, based in Colombia, which also coordinate operations in Mexico and Venezuela. Hispam Sur in Argentina also coordinates operations in Chile and Peru.

In the past eight years, Telefónica’s open innovation division has invested more than 160 million euros in startups around the world. More than 500 startups that participated in the Open Innovation program are still active and more than 100 are already doing business with the company.

Wayra was founded in 2011 by the Spanish telecommunications company to accelerate technological projects, particularly in the Latin America region.

In March last year, the search for projects based on new technologies such as blockchain was announced. Financing is provided through the Startup Accelerator program with a financing sum of around 250,000 euros for the projects adapted to the needs of Telefónica.

According to a notice on its official website, the program will not stop investing this 2020 despite the situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In that order, Wayra Spain participated in the second round of funding for a leading cybersecurity startup, Countercraft, which reached $ 5 million and reflected a track record of the program’s success on a global scale.

X Explorer

X Explorer offers a five-month program for young people between the ages of 18 and 31, during which they receive special training and mentoring and are part of one of the largest networks of entrepreneurs. Over € 60,000 in prizes and trips to Silicon Valley to learn more about its entrepreneurial system.

Explorer’s global network of mentors will guide you through your company’s pre-incubation process in individual sessions. They also offer special training to become a mentor.

They train you to acquire the essential skills to develop effective leadership and lead entrepreneurs in need of assistance. You are involved in five countries: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Portugal and Spain.

The program is sponsored and supported by one of the most important banks in the world such as the Spanish Santander group.

They recently had their reputation in the corporate ecosystem of 14 countries with 20 prices of 20,000 euros for each solution. as part of the Post-Pandemic Solution Support Program for Improvement in Four Areas.

Over six weeks, they rated more than 2,200 solutions from 35 countries to complete the 20 best projects in the four categories that were arranged for the closing event: Re-Invent, Re-Launch, Re-Skill and Re-Work.

Among the 20 finalists from 10 different countries, with Brazil, Spain and Mexico dominating the scene, startups were honored with various solutions in the areas of safety, education, tourism, health and agriculture.

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