Thousands of students concentrate in Hong Kong to ask for help from the US and the United Kingdom


Thousands of students from a dozen institutes and universities in Hong Kong have concentrated on Friday in the city center with the intention of asking for help from the United States and the United Kingdom in their protests to ensure judicial independence of the territory from China .

The concentration in Chater Garden, which is prolegamous of what could be a new weekend of clashes between police and protesters, asks London and Washington to make international pressure to guarantee both the total suspension of the controversial extradition bill and the creation of an independent commission to investigate the cases of police violence reported since the protests began at the end of March.

Thousands of students concentrate in Hong Kong to ask for help from the US and the United Kingdom
Thousands of students concentrate in Hong Kong to ask for help from the US and the United Kingdom

This next Saturday the city will again host multiple marches, a popular one from Hung Hom to To Kwa Wan, a demonstration of professors and, on the other hand, a concentration in favor of the Hong Kong authorities. On Sunday another march will take place, of the activist organization of the Civil Front for Human Rights, contrary to Beijing. The Police have objected to the development of all these events except the favorable to the authorities.

The march on Friday, called Power for the People, wants the United Kingdom to formally accuse China of violating the terms of the agreement that London returned the territory to Beijing in 1997, and stipulated certain specific humanitarian guarantees. The extradition of detainees to China, as that law proposed, could violate their rights because of the few protections they would have during the process.

In addition, members of the Commonwealth Citizens for Equal Rights organization, whose members are considered to be symbols of the British Crown, have come to the rally to ask London to grant passports that grant them the right to reside in the United Kingdom,

To the United States, the protesters ask him to accelerate the so-called Law for Democracy and Human Rights in Hong Kong, a bipartisan proposal in the US Congress pending approval, and which aims to “renew the historic commitment of the United States in the defense of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, at a time when their autonomy is increasingly threatened. ”

The Hong Kong Police, meanwhile, have defended their decision to limit the marches and warned protesters to immediately cease violent acts such as property attacks or barricading.

“If there is a serious risk to life, property or any traffic disruption, take it for granted that we will resort to riot measures,” warned the district chief for Kowloon Yeung Man Pun, in statements to 'South China Morning Post' .

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