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Thousands of people will demonstrate in Hong Kong to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the ‘Umbrella Revolution’

September 28, 2019

The Hong Kong Civil Human Rights Front, which organized a march attended by more than one million people in June, announced on Saturday that it has obtained a “no objection letter” from the Police to hold a protest today in commemoration of the anniversary of the 'Umbrella Revolution'.

Five years ago, thousands of people occupied the central district of the city in a peaceful protest against a law that demanded that the candidates for the highest office in Hong Kong be pre-approved by Beijing.

Today, the electoral reform that would include the repeal of the pre-selection law of the chief executive of 2014 is one of the main demands of the renewed anti-government movement, which is in its fourth month. Another demand is the formation of an independent investigation into police violence against protesters.

This Friday night, thousands of people demonstrated in the central district of the city to oppose the alleged police abuses. Protesters who were in the San Uk Ling detention center have criticized that the authorities have beaten them during detention and inappropriate sexual behavior.

Earlier this week, Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam announced that the detention center would no longer be used, although protesters have denied it, saying that the problem of police abuse extends beyond San Uk Ling.

Hong Kong has been the scene for 16 weeks of protests in favor of democracy that began as a rejection of an extradition bill that included sending people to China for trial, which has already been completely abandoned by Lam. However, the demonstrations have continued, although less crowded.

The territory returned under Chinese sovereignty in 1997 thanks to an agreement with the United Kingdom whereby China pledged to maintain the regime of rights and freedoms enjoyed by the peninsula during colonial rule, which resulted in the beginning of “a country , two systems. ”