This year the good ending will last almost two weeks

The bidding season is being extended to help the Mexican economy.

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  • For the first time in its history, El Buen Fin will take place over 12 days in November.
  • The nature of this discount season promotes the omnichannel nature of the consumer.
This year the good ending will last almost two weeks
This year the good ending will last almost two weeks

COVID-19 has brought innumerable changes in our economic life and in the current context Good end of 2020Mexico’s discount season, which usually lasts a weekend, will be held for the first time in its history from November 9th to 20th for 12 days to reactivate the Aztec country’s economy.

“Although conditions this year are special due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative is gaining importance with exclusive discounts and the need to reactivate the economy, preserve jobs and help consumers use their households more efficiently Savings, ”he says Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) It’s a statement.

In the presentation of the Good End 2020, Ernesto Acevedo Fernández, Undersecretary of State for Industry, Trade and Competitiveness at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, stated that this measure is also intended to physically avoid the agglomeration of people in companies.

The nature of this discount season promotes the omnichannel character of the consumer: Last year, according to AMVO, 6 out of 10 buyers turned to both the digital and the physical channel. This year we will probably be part of an edition in which the multi-channel factor is represented even more strongly due to the current scenario.


The recommendation for stores and operations is to adapt to all preventive health measures in their physical channels that allow them to maintain adequate safety protocols for employees and consumers. such as the delivery of disinfection kits for employees and the hygiene of rooms.

On the other hand, it is important that participating companies Consider enabling additional delivery options for online purchases. For her part consumer They should also encourage hygienic compliance when going into physical stores, e.g. E.g .: keep your distance, use face masks and disinfectants.

Taking into account the current health emergency due to COVID-19, the AMVO informs us about the advantages of online shopping during a campaign of this magnitude:

  • Activate extended shopping hours by keeping the digital channel open around the clock

  • It is a perfect option for planning purchases as you can compare an endless number of products (from all categories) based on quality and price before making the purchase.

  • Choose the best delivery option in terms of time, cost and security.

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