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“This year is suspended, let’s try Colombia in 2021.”

May 29, 2020

The Ethereum Foundation said so There is no Devcon VI this year, the largest international blockchain conference and postponed the event Bogotá, Colombia until 2021Although an exact date has not yet been announced.

Colombia It is one of the most important countries in the world in the introduction of cryptocurrencies.

Why postpone it?

The foundation said in a statement The event had to be postponed to the next year Due to global restrictions and travel difficulties due to the pandemic:

Simply put, Devcon’s commitment should not be limited to just a few people traveling and should not depend on the hope that the situation will improve before the date. “

“This year is suspended, let’s try Colombia in 2021.”“This year is suspended, let’s try Colombia in 2021.”

Instead, the foundation will focus on it support local events smaller instead of a “half measure” option that doesn’t do justice to the name “Devcon”:

“We simply won’t find an emergency option for the community and call it ‘Devcon’ if we commit to doing it right.”

In the next month “promote and coordinate” local initiatives the best they can.

Bogotá was selected from a list of 10 cities In a review process that started before Devcon 5. The decision took into account community feedback, growth potential and the city’s ability to support several thousand participants.

Colombia is the third country with more crypto users

A study published last year found this Latin America has the world’s largest number of cryptocurrency users. with Brazil and Colombia in second place with 18% of the population in every country using cryptocurrencies.

The ten countries with the most users of cryptocurrencies. Source: Statista data

Some have attributed this high acceptance of cryptocurrencies in Argentina and Brazil economic stress caused by very high inflation rates. However, this doesn’t explain the introduction of cryptocurrencies in Colombia, which has the second largest economy on the continent and an inflation rate that has dropped to just 3.5% in the past four years.

The foundation said it had been discussed in various parts of Colombia to support this Acceptance of Ethereum:

“From building owners to educational institutions to local managers, decision-makers and much more, we are already meeting with the people in Bogotá, Colombia and South America and working with them to really use and promote Ethereum technology. .