This was the response from Mexican Food Experiences so you can discover Mexico from home

Connie Estefan and Lety Hinojosa had to switch their business model to digital to face the inclusion crisis.

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This was the response from Mexican Food Experiences so you can discover Mexico from home
This was the response from Mexican Food Experiences so you can discover Mexico from home

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There are many ways to get to know Mexico, but without a doubt one of the most recommended is food. It is not for nothing that Mexican cuisine was declared the intangible heritage of humanity in 2010.

Mexican food experiences is the company that invites people to discover the authentic traditional and contemporary flavors of Mexico as well as its culture and history through unforgettable experiences.

Connie Estefan and Lety Hijosa were the creators of this concept. The company started operating under the name Mexican Food Tours in 2012. In response to the pandemic that struck the planet, it changed its name to Mexican Food Experiences.

“This is an evolution of the business,” says Connie. This was in response to new demands from its passionate consumers.

These entrepreneurs have created impressive gastronomic experiences in Polanco, San Ángel and in the historic center, where the history and culture of Mexico are known while walking to the country’s major markets and traditional restaurants. They also have experience in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The key to accepting the concept was attention to detail, the entrepreneurs explain. “We bring together the flavors that are cooked with spices in Mexico City, a place where stories, traditions and cosmopolitan visions grow together.”

The company won the recognition and preference of tourists. For seven consecutive years, the company received the certificate from Excellence Granted by TripAdvisor and recognized by various international and national media as an excellent option for people from Mexico and other parts of the world to have unforgettable experiences.

Reinvent yourself

Before operations ceased due to the COVID 19 pandemic, entrepreneurs had to use technological tools and migrate to the digital world to make new suggestions. They continued to do this hand in hand with chefs, chefs and chefs who accompany people as they discover the origins of Mexico’s vast culinary offering.

Photo: Courtesy of Mexican Food Experiences

Mexican Food Experiences currently offers virtual cooking classes in Spanish and English. You do it with groups for companies, families or individual experiences.

Lessons are taught through Zoom and are led by experts who are passionate about flavors that come from kitchens in their blood, such as chef Eduardo Landa, who helps make ingredients into real works of art.

“Through Mexican Food Experiences, we want to connect with people from different latitudes who are interested in learning about our culinary cultural wealth,” says Connie.

For now, hiking tours have to wait, but entrepreneurs are already preparing for the new normal.

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