This story about oranges will help you achieve success in your career

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This story about oranges will help you achieve success in your career
This story about oranges will help you achieve success in your career

Some time ago I went with my family to eat in a well-known Mexican hamburger chain in Guadalajara. The meal was normal, and as I paid at the checkout and peeked behind the counter, I noticed that there was a medium-sized sign on the wall leading to the kitchen (I think), perhaps with instructions or a cleaning protocol for staff .

Curiosity killed the cat, they say. But my cat has nine lives, so I closed my eyes a bit to better read what the sign said. To my surprise, they weren’t simple instructions or anything like that, but something much better: a story.

We have spoken before the power of Tell stories conveying an idea, pursuing a purpose, or building a relationship. A story was the last thing I expected on this wall, and if you were curious before, now you had my full attention.

I read the story of a hit while waiting for my change. It caught me immediately and made me wonder. In my own story, I was sometimes Juan, sometimes Fernando, and sometimes the manager. After thinking about it for many days I thought it would be great to share.

When I tried to write it in black and white, I realized that I didn’t remember it perfectly. So I managed to contact one of the business partners and asked him to share it with me. He gave me the full text which ended up as part of the book Like fish in the water. This is a simple story that has different versions in popular culture as well. Learning is the same: the law of minima and maxima, or how we can get from the same place to different places if we choose to use our intelligence and creativity to give more.

Without further ado, I will reproduce the full text and submit it for review. Who are you in the story

The story of the oranges

Juan had worked in a company for two years. He was always very serious, committed and fulfilled his obligations. He was always very punctual and proud that he hadn’t received a warning in a year.

One day he went to the manager to complain, “Sir, I’ve been working hard at the company for two years and I’m very happy with my position, but I feel a little injustice has been treated me. Fernando, my partner, started a job like mine just six months ago and has already been promoted to manager. ”

The manager replied. “Juan, while we are solving this, I would like you to help me solve a problem. I want to give the staff fruit for lunch after dinner today. Find out if they have oranges in the basement on the corner. “

Juan tried very hard to complete the assignment and he was back in just five minutes. The manager asked:

– Juan, what did you find out?

– Sir, you have oranges for sale.

– And how much do they cost?

Juan replied:
– Ah, I didn’t ask that.

– Ok, but did you see if you had enough oranges for all employees?

– I didn’t ask that either, sir.

– Ok, are there any fruits that can replace the orange?

– I don’t know, sir, but I think …

– Well, said the manager, don’t worry. Please sit down for a moment.

The manager picked up the phone and sent for Fernando. When he introduced himself he gave him the same instructions as Juan and within ten minutes he was back.

– Sir, you have oranges for all employees; and if you prefer they have banana, papaya, melon and mango too. The orange costs 10 pesos per kilo, the banana $ 12, the papaya and melon $ 13; and they tell me they give us 8% discount when we buy in bulk. I put the orange aside, but if you choose a different fruit I’ll have to come back to pick the order up.

“Thank you, Fernando,” said the manager, “but wait a minute.”

And when he turned back to Juan, he asked him:

– So, Juan, what did you tell me?

– That, mmm, nothing, sir, that’s all. Thank you and with your permission.

Juan withdrew. And you … did you do your best job today with intelligence or just with enthusiasm? Therefore, always do your best, even with the simplest tasks, be curious and passionate about what you are doing, otherwise nobody will entrust you with the most important tasks.

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