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This startup wants to be the bridge between brands and the world of gaming

August 28, 2020

Qapla Gaming tries to democratize the sport.

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  • Qapla Gaming is looking for companies that want to reach a similar audience as they sponsored major events prior to COVID19, but now online gaming events.
This startup wants to be the bridge between brands and the world of gamingThis startup wants to be the bridge between brands and the world of gaming

The pandemic was a turning point for many industries and has forced companies to reinvent themselves. Because of this, the Mexican startup Qapla Gamingwants brands to reinvent the way they reach their markets by sponsoring esports, streamers and virtual events in the world of gaming.

“We noticed that many brands are still looking for a position, but due to the contingency due to COVID19, they are no longer able to reach the audience reached by sponsoring concerts or certain sporting events. With Qapla, we want them to continue their strategies and sponsor virtual gaming events now, ”said Fernando Díaz, CEO of the startup.

The business model, which has already caught the attention of national and international mutual funds, aims to ensure that everyone wins in the world of video games and that brands can reach on their platform and through the Generation Z and Millennial consumer audiences of the social networks of the streamers who use it. All of this through a monthly subscription.

Fernando Díaz, CEO of the startup. Photo: Qapla.

What we’re doing at Qapla Gaming is democratizing sport. We enable gaming influencers to start their events on our platform. Then the brands sponsor these events and the players have the opportunity to play with their favorite influencers and also win certain prizes, which is very relevant to them as 95% of those who play video games do not get anything in return for hours of excitement and Energy that they devote to their passion, ”added the entrepreneur.

Growing market

In its first round of investments, Qapla raised $ 300,000 from funds like Trebol Capital, Ark Fund, and Silicon Valley-based overseas gaming fund Altered Ventures.

“We’re building the ultimate channel to create a real and valuable connection with an audience of more than 45 million viewers and players in Mexico and Latin America. Our acquisition cost per user is 80% lower than tournament organizers and our retention rate is over 75% for other similar platforms and applications, ”said Díaz.

According to the CEO, the esports market will double by 2023, reaching $ 2.2 trillion in value, according to Estadista and Markets and Markets.

In Latin America, the esports market is currently valued at more than $ 32 million. Brazil and Mexico are the countries that are responsible for bringing the largest audience to these virtual competitions.

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