This restaurant became famous for offering an overly honest menu

A Chinese restaurant owner wrote his own reviews on each menu item and the result is just great.

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This restaurant became famous for offering an overly honest menu
This restaurant became famous for offering an overly honest menu

Sometimes the best advice you can take in life and in business is too ‘be yourself’. It has proven that Feigang Fei, Owner of a restaurant in Montreal, Canada, which went viral because every menu item is accompanied by extremely honest review.

This week is the local of chinese food cuisine AuntDai He became famous on social networks thanks to a tweet from a diner. The surfer Kim belair divided into Twitter Some photos of the original menu.

“Aunt Dai is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but that Real joy is the menu, with extremely honest comments from the owner “wrote Belair, whose contribution was made viral more than 73 thousand likes and near 11 thousand retweets.

The post was accompanied by several pictures with the owner’s interesting reviews. You can read about it in one of them, which is dedicated to his “Orange Beef” “it’s not so good” like “General Tao Chicken”, another specialty. “Anyway, I’m not a fan of North American Chinese food and it’s your choice.”Feigang made it clear.

In another case, the businessman showed his openness by pointing this out He hadn’t even tried his new recipe.

“This is new on the menu. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. According to many customers, this one is very popular. I still couldn’t try. It seems like I should spend more time in my own restaurant “says the description of the beef with satay sauce.

However, the one who takes the palms is the criticism of their sweet and sour pork strips. First, Fei says that it is the most requested dish by Chinese guests in his country and that there are many varieties of it. The restaurateur immediately made it clear that he didn’t love his recipe.

“Since I have very high expectations of this dish, to be honest, I’m not a fan of our version. But don’t get me wrong, the dish in our restaurant is delicious too. It’s just different from the ones I went to university. “says the text.

The importance of digital PR

Belair’s post made the restaurant so popular that its owner had to open a Twitter account. The first thing Fei did was leave an emotional comment in response to the post that made it go viral.

“Hello, I am the owner of Kitchen TanteDaiThanks to your tweet, I received many press interviews. It’s been an amazing couple of days in my entire life. I joined Twitter to thank him. If you agree, I want to speak to you. You are the first person I follow on Twitter! “wrote the restaurateur.

Then, Feigang Fei He published the first post in his profile, which was also dedicated to the young tweeter.

“The first tweet is thanks to @BagelofDeat. His tweet posted my comments to the media on our restaurant website First radio interview in my life, first television interview, it’s like a dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart “said the businessman.

While it might seem like another viral anecdote, Cuisine AuntDai’s honest menu makes it clear that betting on honesty can sometimes make a difference in business.

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