This quantitative style indicator warns of the Axie Infinity rally to a new all-time high

Subscribers to Cointelegraph’s Markets Pro data analytics platform receive a detailed report each week of the tokens that have risen the most during the week and the performance of the VORTECS scoring indicator to track potential bullish events and bears.

Here are some highlights from the current report:

  • Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) hit a new all-time high after a strong VORTECS score.
  • Three of the top 10 price hikes had a VORTECS score of 80 or higher before hitting a high.
  • The NewsQuakes warnings gave traders an early signal of the double-digit increase in NEAR and RAY.
  • The average profits over Bitcoin (BTC) of the highest rated VORTECS ™ tokens in history showed that the highest returns are achieved 24 and 72 hours after reaching the values ​​of 80 and 90.
  • Community members exchanged information about interesting tokens and effective trading strategies.

AXS makes its way to the moon

The impressive run of AXS, the native Axie Infinity Token, to a new all-time high of $ 155.27 surprised many investors and deserves special attention.

This quantitative style indicator warns of the Axie Infinity rally to a new all-time high
This quantitative style indicator warns of the Axie Infinity rally to a new all-time high

The asset’s rapid re-valuation is due to its increasing utility in the Axie Infinity universe, where players breed, trade, and battle non-fungible token-based (NFT) creatures called Axies to make up for AXS along with another token called AXS. to earn Smooth love potion (SLP). There are currently over 1.85 million active players in the game, up 4,500% since April 2021.

Obviously, the asset has seen some parabolic rallies on its way to current valuation. The data generated during this time enabled the Cointelegraph-exclusive VORTECS ™ indicator to exceptionally identify the tell-tale signs of AXS outbreaks.

The VORTECSâ ?? -Score, exclusive to Cointelegraph Markets Pro, is an algorithmic comparison of current and historical market and public conditions surrounding a currency, calculated from a combination of variables such as market sentiment, trading volume, recent price movements and activity on Twitter.

Although the indicator does not tell investors when to go long or short, it can provide information based on historical bullish or bearish conditions for a particular currency. The higher the algorithm, the more likely it is that the observed conditions will be historically favorable over the next 12 to 72 hours.

In the case of AXS, the historical precedent seems particularly telling.

VORTECSâ ?? ¢ score versus AXS price, September 25th to October 2nd. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Between September 25 and October 2, AXS was up 76.67% against the US dollar and 56.05% against Bitcoin, hitting a new all-time high above the USD 117 mark.

AXS posted its highest VORTECS score on Sept. 26 at 87 when it was $ 63.15, and the model recognized historical bullish market momentum and sentiment on social media. The breakout began about 2 1/2 days later when the token began steadily rising from $ 65 to $ 117 on October 2nd.

Highest Score Token in History

For a total of 60 days in which his VORTECS® score reached 80 or more points, AXS remains the second best ever result in terms of days with a high score, just behind THORChain’s RUNE token.

However, AXS ‘average returns after posting high scores are much better than RUNE.

On average, AXS gained 4% 24 hours after its VORTECS score reached 80, 7% after 48 hours and 10% after 72 hours. If you look at the times the coin hit a score of 90, the average returns on the coin are even more impressive: 7% after 24 hours, 13% after 48 hours and 21% after 72 hours.

VORTECSâ ?? ¢ score versus AXS price, September 29th to October 5th. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Token price stalled on October 2-3, after hitting its all-time high above $ 117. With the price still flat, the AXS VORTECS score began to climb sharply again, crossing the 80 threshold when it was trading at USD 105, and climbing to 96. Fifteen hours after hitting 80, AXS price hit a new high of $ 153.70.

The AXS VORTECS score is currently above 80 again, so the party may not be over yet.

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