This is why you should take care of yourself

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Mexico.

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  • One in four Mexicans over the age of 20 has high blood pressure, which can be irreversible
  • As part of World Heart Day, Merck, in collaboration with the “Ignacio Chávez” cardiology institute, presents the book “100 key questions in arterial hypertension” to the medical community.
This is why you should take care of yourself
This is why you should take care of yourself

Hypertension is one of the risk factors that affects the world’s population the most. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey (Ensanut, 2016), one in four Mexicans lives with this chronic disease for over 20 years. degenerative, characterized by a disorder in which the blood vessels have persistently high pressure (greater than 140/90 mmHg). This can lead to irreversible damage in the medium and long term resulting from their constipation.

World Heart Day is celebrated every September 29th. For this reason, cardiologists have urged the timely diagnosis and proper treatment of arterial hypertension (HT). This serious disorder significantly increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and heart failure, which are considered the leading causes of death in Mexico.

During an event to commemorate that date, Dr. Nydia Ávila Vanzzini, a medical specialist at the National Institute of Cardiology, suggests that Mexico is a country with a high prevalence of the disease, with at least 15.2 million people suffering from it, and it is taken into account that at least half do not know. Therefore, he said that it was necessary to regularly see a specialist and lead a healthy lifestyle in order to properly control blood pressure and avoid complications.

Control your pressure

How do I avoid these complications? The specialist commented, “Arterial hypertension is a silent disease as it may not be a manifestation. Therefore, we must pay special attention to blood pressure measurement at least twice a year.”

Likewise, “lifestyle needs to be improved, including frequent physical activity, maintaining normal body weight, limiting alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, and reducing salt intake, as well as low saturated fat intake, as high blood pressure is often associated with high cholesterol. “

Hypertension and COVID

Dr. For his part, Luis Antonio Alcocer Díaz Barreiro, specialist in cardiology and director general of the Mexican Institute of Cardiovascular Health, stated that the effects of COVID-19 infection on people with high blood pressure and heart disease could cause irreversible harm.

“Given the panorama we are seeing, it is important that people with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases continue their treatment to avoid serious chronic complications as well as those that may arise during this season, like COVID-19 or another viral respiratory disease, as it can cause cardiac complications that would lead to death, ”said Alcocer Díaz Barreiro.

Finally, Dr. Eduardo Mateos García, Medical Manager for Cardiology at Merck Mexico, along with some authors, present the book 100 Key Questions in Arterial Hypertension, which seeks continuous medical update to reduce the impact of this disease on the Mexican population.

“As part of its 90th anniversary in Mexico, Merck reaffirms its commitment not only to patients but also to the medical community to achieve timely diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases,” said Mateos García.

“We are sure that together we can sensitize the Mexican population to the prevention of arterial hypertension as well as the importance of its timely diagnosis and control, since this is seen as the main cause of premature death and cardiovascular disease,” the specialists concluded .

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