This is what Earth and Venus look like from Mars

Rover Curiosity, the robot that NASA sent to Mars, managed to capture Earth and Venus in the same picture.

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This is what Earth and Venus look like from Mars
This is what Earth and Venus look like from Mars

The country and Venus were in a photo of the Curiosity rover, a six-wheeled robot made by the POT for a scientific mission on Mars that occasionally stops to watch the sky.

The robot straightened his Mastcam After sunset on June 5, 2020 to the sky of Mars, he managed to capture Venus and Earth in a single image. In these photographs, both planets are represented as small points of light due to the dust distributed in the atmosphere, which reflects the illumination of the planet (Mars).

Earth and Venus from Mars. Photo: NASA.

Mark Lemmon, co-researcher at the Mastcam at the Institute of Space Sciences in Boulder, Colorado, said these photos were taken to measure the lighting of Mars during this season.

Under the two planets conquered by Mastcam is a rock called Tower Butte, which is part of the terrain that the Curiosity Rover has explored since it landed in 2012.

View of the twilight sky and the Mars horizon, taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, which includes Earth as the brightest point of light in the night sky. Photo: NASA.

However, it’s still an impressive spectacle, as the Curiosity Rover rarely stops to photograph planets that are more than 130 million kilometers away.

In eight years, the curious rover has managed to take various pictures of the sky, in which we find asteroids, the moons of Mercury, Phobos and Deimo as well as the earth.

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