This is the secret of who you dream

We are the sum of what we do in life. So get up and see what you have to do.

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This is the secret of who you dream
This is the secret of who you dream

We live to be, not to do, right?

I always liked to think that because it helps me focus on the present, not just the next one on my to-do list. But this attitude also has a negative side, because it can make us believe that in a way we are more than the sum of ours Actionswhat lies. What we do really affects who we are.

When we lose ourselves and think about who we want to be, our ego takes control and we stop working. We start to give more importance to things that don’t matter (like our position in life and what others think) rather than all the things we can accomplish. Which is a real shame.

You are what you do If you don’t, you are not what you want to be. You don’t deserve it title for the things that you’ve done in the past that you certainly don’t deserve just because your sweet ego demands it.

Are you a lecturer Perfect, what kind of conversation are you writing?
Are you an entrepreneur? Very cool, how do you make sure your company solves a real problem?
Are you a leader Interesting, are you actively helping someone else to become their best version?
Are you an author Great, what are you going to write this afternoon?

Titles don’t matter if they don’t produce value. Sometimes, if anything, they prevent something good from happening because they let the ego grow for free. Even if titles mean something, they are only earned if they correspond to really fulfilled actions.

Instead of worrying about your next promotion or becoming X, Y, or Z, focus on the job you want to do and do it! Stop worrying about reaching a certain title or position and start doing the work you always liked and you will get the title. Boom! You have found a short path to a high contribution.

Instead of thinking about how people rate you as a writer and at the same time write the next bestseller in your country, just write. Stop thinking, surf the web, and just look at your computer screen. Write one word at a time. Then you will be a writer and creator. Otherwise you are just a consumer.

That means it’s not about worrying about success, but about successful work. Do the tasks you know you need to do from scratch. Don’t worry about what others are saying, better search for your personal purpose and dedicate yourself to an activity that makes sense and feeds you.

What’s the secret you’ve always dreamed of? Stop focusing on becoming someone. It is the wrong goal. You work better to accomplish your mission on Earth. To be someone is added. And if not, you have at least spent your days doing what you should be doing, and you will know that you have spent your time doing things that really mattered to you.

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