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This is the registration process

June 16, 2020

The allocation of the educational institutions of the pupils who rise from the upper level takes place via a mechanism assigned by the SEP to facilitate the process.

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This is the registration processThis is the registration process

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) announced that it will cancel the Admission test to the secondary level (IDANIS test) due to health contingency and warned how schools are selected for the students who make the transition.

The criteria by which the remaining period is assessed are based on the average that the pupils received in the first phases of the school year and add up everything that the teachers consider important, so that according to the SEP the pupils are not harmed by the contingency through the newspaper The universal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed educational life for several years. For the first time in Mexico’s history, elementary school children will not have a third evaluation period in the 2019-2020 school year.

Not only that, but also the high school entrance exams to support students who haven’t had the opportunity to continue their studies from home and with the facilities that the school facilities offer them.

The Federal Education Authority in Mexico City (AEFCM) described how the allocation of educational institutions to the highest level of students will be done through a mechanism assigned by the SEP to facilitate the process based on the institutions selected by the SEP Students during their pre-registration, which will take place online from January 9th to February 17th:

  • Outcome the student receives as a general assessment of their primary education (the average that appears on their certificate)
  • The number of siblings that are held in the institutions for which they want to register in the first or second year.
  • The place the student belongs to and how old they are.
  • The proximity of the work of parents or legal guardians.

Nonetheless, the main criterion will be the primary grade final grade as a general assessment of its performance.

according to BBC WorldThird grade high school children who failed five subjects must repeat the school year. However, if they have just failed four subjects, they will be offered a regularization course so that they can go to high school with little difficulty.