This is the reason why your startup needs a human resources manager

When was the last time you evaluated the skills and competencies of your leader in this area?

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This is the reason why your startup needs a human resources manager
This is the reason why your startup needs a human resources manager

Most human resources processes are usually ambiguous or dusty in our country. Generations have changed, companies have changed, markets have changed and your Human Resources area has already had to change.

When was the last time you evaluated the skills and competencies of your leader in human resources?

The CHRO (for its acronym in English Chief Human Resources Officer or Director of Human Resources) became a mid-level position that focused on three things mainly:

  • Company staff
  • Administrative responsibilities
  • Transactional Responsibilities

However, today much more is required than that. Modern companies need an adviser, coach and trusted advisor to the CEO, with voice and vote at the big table .

The CHRO is a role that has evolved in terms of complexity, impact and control capacity. Interestingly, some of the most effective human resources directors nowadays come from external environments such as finance, operations or legal. They are assertive leaders, driven by data that take a stance on talent problems, based on relevant facts to offer a talent strategy for their organization.

The best CHROs are optimizing areas and tools such as:

  • Analysis of data
  • Systems
  • Talent Development and Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Workforce Planning
  • Awards

They basically speak the language of business with solid data and provide a solid understanding of the latest talent management trends.

They need to be able to work with the board and executive team to establish a talent strategy that aligns and influences the company's strategy for growth and profitability.

Attracting and retaining key personnel is directly related to increasing revenues and profits quickly. Therefore, if the CHRO is not at the big table of decision makers, money may possibly be left on the table.

Today, the “war for talent” affects companies of all sizes, so a good guide in human resources is someone key to minimize the impact that could have on the company.

Fortunately, some companies have already realized or are realizing the relevance of this leader and that talent and human capital are a key factor in the success of the organization. One fact that corroborates this is that executive search firms are increasingly being used by companies to find highly talented CHRO leaders for their assets.

You, what can you do if you are trying to find or develop the new generation of leaders?

Analyze the following six key capabilities:

1) Data-based decision making:

Being able to partner with the executive team and ask the right questions to open a strategic change that aligns talent.

2) The ability to read, evaluate and design changes in the organizational culture

The CEO must establish the corporate culture, however, the CHRO must ensure that it moves in the right direction and the command styles are aligned.

3) Proactive mapping of future talent needs for the organization

Evaluate the gap between existing talent and what will be necessary in the future. Find and attract that new talent.

4) Ability to explore internal and external talent in an informed manner

Not everything is attracting and tracking talent, but also identifying new internal talent groups.

5) Update on human resources technology

Understand what technologies are available, how to take advantage of them effectively. For example, technology to recruit, for onboarding process and work environment.

6) Application of human resources practices specifically within the organization instead of simply following the herd

Not only is keeping up with the latest trends and practices of HR. The important and difficult thing is to interpret and implement trends for the specific needs of your company.

Today more than ever, the role of CHRO is vital to the success of organizations. They represent a fundamental part of the increase in income, through the promotion of culture and the satisfaction of the pulse of the companies that are its people.

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