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This is the protocol for the reopening in Grupo Brisas hotels

June 5, 2020

This gives you an idea of ​​what the “new normal” in the hotel industry will look like.

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This is the protocol for the reopening in Grupo Brisas hotelsThis is the protocol for the reopening in Grupo Brisas hotels

The “new normal” is already there and with it many market sectors will try to reopen their doors in order to reactivate the economy of our country. As this happens, some industries will prepare their respective ones Safety and hygiene protocols to avoid infections from COVID-19 in its facilities.

We already have about the reopening of the Small business, the gym and even Cinema complexes Now we want to tell you how that Brisas Group to reopen their hotels and receive their guests when the time comes. This gives you an overview of the measures that are being taken in the hotel industry.

According to the chain, this operating plan is intended to offer the highest standards in terms of hygiene, cleaning and hygiene in all areas of the hotel, as well as in terms of food and beverage services. They also promote a healthy distance between users during their stay and it is also applied to all of their employees in the different rooms of their facilities.

Photo: Courtesy of Grupo Brisas.

Cleaning logs

  • The Grupo Brisa will keep your areas completely clean and hygienic. They are disinfected by their cleaning brigade every two hours. These include: reception, reception, lobby, lifts, indoor and outdoor areas, restaurants and bars, pool areas, gyms and spas and the entire room.

  • Hotels will have antibacterial gel dispensers that are used frequently by guests and employees as they walk through them.

  • Cleaning and disinfection products are certified and approved by the Federal Minister of Health COFEPRIS.

  • They will also take action at the time their employees join, e.g. B. measuring their temperatures before entering.

On arrival of the guests

  • You have disinfection mats in every entrance to the hotel so that the guest cleans his shoes when entering.

  • They measure the temperature of all users.

  • They offer antibacterial gel and a face mask and ask for permission to disinfect luggage before entering the hotel.

  • If guests want to use the bell service, the trolley into which their luggage is brought is cleaned before and after each use.

In the rooms

  • They ensure a sanitary and clean room when customers arrive.

  • All items such as pen, paper and toiletries are changed upon the previous guest’s departure so that the next one finds them new and clean for use.

Healthy distance

  • You will be encouraged to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between guests and employees at all times, both in public areas and in restaurants, bars and lounges.

  • For safety and convenience reasons, it is checked that no more than three people use the elevator, except for families traveling together. The bell staff will not follow the guests.

Pool, spa and gym

  • The loungers in the pool are 1.5 meters apart.

  • In the gym, all devices keep the prescribed distance and are constantly cleaned for the safety of the users.

  • A limited number of users are admitted to the spa and gym.


  • Golf carts are disinfected before and after each round.

  • The rental bars are cleaned before and after each round.

  • Changing rooms and the lobby area are disinfected at least every four hours. Guest contact areas are disinfected after each use.

  • All employees receive personal size disinfectants and hand towels to stay on duty throughout the course.

Food and beverage service in restaurants and bars

  • The tables must be at least 1.5 meters apart.

  • The service staff always wear face masks and masks.

  • The service will only be à la carte at the moment, there will be no buffet service.

  • The menus are laminated to be cleaned before each use.

  • A QR code is available so that guests can check the menu and other services from their cell phones.

Room service

  • To order room service, guests can use the QR code on their mobile device or the Brisas Connectivity application.

  • The staff will go with masks, face masks and gloves.

  • If the food is in trays, guests can get it at the door to enter their room in person.

  • In the case of a cart, the waiter does not remove tapas or uncover the food, but the guest himself.

If a case of COVID-19 is detected in your facility

  • Government first aid protocols are implemented to treat guests or employees with symptoms of COVID-19.

  • If the hotel has internal staff as a doctor, it will provide the appropriate protective equipment.

  • An isolation / quarantine area is identified for the sick person while the contagion assessment is completed and forwarded to the appropriate hospital.

  • All places visited by the guest or employee with symptoms of COVID-19 are cleaned and disinfected.

  • The Department of Health or local government is continually consulted to determine if changes have been made to the local protocol for the treatment of people with COVID-19 symptoms.

  • If a person is desperate or has difficulty breathing, an ambulance can be called. If you are not at risk, a virus information booklet, 911 or the national app is provided, and it is recommended that you contact a doctor.

  • Please note that no public transport (no subway, taxi, shared transport, bus, etc.) may be used when leaving the property.