This is the plan to reopen Mexico City. Remember that the emergency lasts until September

The “Mexico City Reopening Plan” estimates that the capital will only return to face-to-face classes in August.

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This is the plan to reopen Mexico City. Remember that the emergency lasts until September
This is the plan to reopen Mexico City. Remember that the emergency lasts until September

The head of the government Mexico City Claudia Sheinbaum announced this Wednesday that it plans to reactivate the non-essential activities of the Mexican capital if the “new normal” that comes after the healthy distance measures will come to stop the Covid-19 infections .

Sheimbaum generally presented the “Mexico City Reopening Plan” attempting to gradually reactivate the return to non-essential city activities from June 15, the date the official estimated that CDMX would no longer be the red color of the epidemiological traffic light, and therefore it will no longer be Infection in the country.

“We know that we live in a difficult situation. We didn’t choose it. We are adapting to this new reality and we need to focus on health, but also think about the income of people, especially those who live daily, “said the official at a press conference on social networks.

The capital city’s plan provides for healthier living together and a better relationship between urban space and the environment.

Some highlights of the capital’s reopening plan:

+ Non-essential activities will be interrupted until June 15thBut they will begin to reintegrate those involved in mining, building, manufacturing equipment, and transporting and producing beer.

+ However Some parks will reopen from June 1st to support the mental and physical health of the capital.

+ The epidemiological traffic light is expected change from red to orange between June 15th and 30th; yellow to July and green to August and September.

+ Local school activities will continue in Mexico City through August.

+ All hygiene measures such as the use of face masks and a social distance of 1.5 meters are observed by Covid-19 during the entire duration of the emergency.

+ A daily report on the epidemiological traffic light, air quality index and hospital occupancy is given to always know what stage the city is in.

Image: Government of Mexico City via Facebook

“We will continue at a red light when hospital admissions increase and employment is more than 65 percent. If it is less than 65 percent and hospital admissions decrease less by two weeks, it can turn orange,” said Sheinbaum.

+ In the following days, the reopening protocols as well as guidelines for social distancing with schedules and working days for religious events, companies, markets, means of transport, public spaces, cinemas and theaters will be published.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, Mexico City has 5,283 infections and 1,452 deaths due to the SARSCov2 corona virus. 3.1152 patients were hospitalized and 1.019 intubated. Iztapalapa is the most affected city hall with more than 3,000 infections.

“We are a city that has always faced challenges and tragedies out of solidarity, and this will be another example,” concluded the head of government.

More information soon …

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