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This is the plan that determines who will return to the streets of Mexico on May 17

May 13, 2020

Mexico is preparing to return to economic activity on June 1 by gradually lifting social distance measures to prevent the spread of the SARSCov2 coronavirus.

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This is the plan that determines who will return to the streets of Mexico on May 17This is the plan that determines who will return to the streets of Mexico on May 17

Mexico is preparing to return gradually to social activities with a gradual lifting of social distance measures on June 1 to prevent the spread of SARSCov2 coronavirus through measures approved by the EU General Health Council.

This group approved four agreements to abolish Sana Distancia’s activities and to initiate a return to economic, educational, work and health activities.

The first agreement will add to the list of key areas of activity such as construction, mining and transportation. The restrictions on school and work activities in the infectious communities are also lifted.

Image: General Health Council via Twitter

The council announced that all companies and all institutions the Hygiene measures Mandatory in the workplace, issued by the Secretaries for Health, Work and IMSS.

Also the Ministry of Health defines a traffic light Weekly restart of activities for each state in the country from June 1st.

Image: General Health Council via Twitter

President Andrés Manuel López also announced Obrador in his morning conference plan “The new normal” that there will be protocols for the reopening of social, educational and economic activities in the country after the health emergency, so that “it is an orderly and careful gradual reopening so that it is safe and permanent”.

It is divided into three levels:

1. The “Municipalities of Hope” reopens on May 18

Picture: Government of Mexico

The 266 municipalities in 15 states called de la Esperanza, which have no cases of Covid-19 in their boundaries or in neighboring cities, will be active again between May 14th and 17th.

2. Weekly traffic lights by region from June 1st

Picture: Government of Mexico

Graciela Márquez, Minister of Economic Affairs, confirmed that she needed a “gradual, orderly and careful” return to activities. Minister of Education Esteban Moctezuma pointed out There will only be a return to community teaching that they have the green light and that the final phase of classroom instruction will be the assessment. A funding cycle is planned for the next school year.

3. Preparation for the general reopening between May 18 and 31

Picture: Government of Mexico

Under Secretary of State for Health Hugo López-Gatell will provide further details on the plan at its 7:00 pm afternoon conference.

Mexico started the National Day of Healthy Distance on March 23 to stop non-essential work and school activities to smooth the Covid-19 contagion curve. From May 13th, Mexico adds 38 thousand 324 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,926 deaths.

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