This is the obvious integration process between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

It is possible that you will be able to chat on WhatsApp via Facebook Messenger very soon or vice versa. So far this is known.

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This is the obvious integration process between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
This is the obvious integration process between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

The idea of ​​integration Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger Giving interoperability with each other is something that has worked since then 2019. However, according to the WaBetaInfo site, certain important clues have been found that mark the beginning of the Integration process between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messaging applications.

This information was published by Alessandro Paluzziwho is the developer of WATweaker, an application for Android This enables you to activate hidden WhatsApp functions. Within the clues found is a screenshot of an alleged database table created by Facebook to manage WhatsApp messages and services.

In this way, Facebook can access certain information available in a user’s WhatsApp account, including configuration details such as the list of blocked numbers, the number of chats saved, and the sound of notifications to press. However, it is important to note that there is information that the social network cannot access, e.g. B. Profile pictures of contacts, group members and the content of messages.


WhatsApp conversations are also End-to-end encryptionThis means that only the sender and the recipient can see both the messages and the pictures, audios and documents released in the chat. Therefore, information is also limited to application developers. This encryption technology is called signal and it’s completely different from Facebook and Instagram, which has become an obstacle to merging the applications.

“We are working to make our messaging products consistently encrypted and are considering how we can make it easier to connect with friends and family over the networks,” he said. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, in a statement last year by talking about plans to connect Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

It is speculated that the mode of operation in order to integrate one application into the other is to ensure that a WhatsApp account can be used on two or more devices at the same time. For this, Facebook Messenger would be another device on which the WhatsApp account can be used, as the user would normally do via the application itself.

Paluzzi also published the 3rd of June through his Twitter account that Instagram is working to integrate Facebook Messenger into its application. Confirmation with a screenshot showing the “Get Messenger for Instagram” option on the photo application settings screen.

Another major doubt that has arisen after the announcement of the merger of these requests has to do with it privacy the user. To register with WhatsApp, it is sufficient to have only one phone number. However, Facebook asks for more revealing data about a person’s identity, such as B. their name, gender and preferences. This can be generated by linking one account to the other Mismatch among users who prefer to keep both accounts separate.

So far, however, little is known and there has been no official statement from Zuckerberg in recent months. For further information and details we have to wait until further indications of new developments in this integration process become known.

As part of another record showing work on integrating applications, the launch of “Messenger Rooms”. This new Facebook Messenger service consists of a platform that allows you to create chat rooms with up to 50 people at the same time. Although a Facebook account is currently required to use the application, it is expected that the option will soon be available for use with an Instagram or WhatsApp account.

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