This is the new system that Six Flags Mexico will implement to reopen

The system would make it possible to visit the park safely and avoid crowds.

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This is the new system that Six Flags Mexico will implement to reopen
This is the new system that Six Flags Mexico will implement to reopen

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By Eugenia Rivas Calderón

With the announcement by the Mexican government on Wednesday, May 13th, about the new normality, which will be implemented from May 18th after the cessation of activities due to the corona virus, Six Flags Mexico has started to give indications of a future reopening. It is not run in the same way that the park was previously operated.

With an ad in your account TwitterSix Flags México has reported that they implement a new reservation system for the distribution of the park is to take place in a safer way. With this new reservation system, it is expected that from now on crowds of people who used to accumulate in the park will be avoided.

But … what is this reservation system made of?

According to the official website of Six Flags Mexico, the reservation system will be implemented in accordance with the health removal measures recommended by health authorities. Capacity limits are therefore set for the park. Through the reservation system, visitors can select the date on which they want to visit the park and the time at which they enter. Thanks to this system, anyone wishing to visit the park can know in advance whether they have access depending on the capacity and space of the day they want to visit, thereby reducing the amount at the main entrance.

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Once the reservation has been made, visitors are only allowed to participate during the hours they have chosen and, of course, the day they want to participate. No visitor can enter without a reservation, which will be very easy online.

Members with annual passes and memberships have priority access to the new system as soon as it is known when activities in the park will resume. The entire calendar for 2020 is available to select the attendance date. The system is then opened to the rest of the public.

If the day you want to attend is full, you have a waiting list if additional places are released or cancellations are made.

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To learn more about this new Six Flags Mexico system, please enter the link below. There is a great deal of information available to them, which answers frequently asked questions about this new system.

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