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This is the new Google Maps voice in Spanish

June 25, 2020

This new version in Spain tries to be more “humane” and will no longer extend the vowels at the end of the display (“Back to the left”).

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This is the new Google Maps voice in SpanishThis is the new Google Maps voice in Spanish

“Turn right …”

We have all heard the strange way in which the voice of Google Maps in Spanish it extends the last vowels in the words of its statements. Well, this week Google announced that the update of its Maps application in Spanish will have a Spanish version that should at least sound “much more human” Spain.

Google Spain has released an audio sample on Twitter, where the instructions on the maps no longer sound as automated, but are a bit faster and somewhat more similar to the style used in Google Assistant. Amazon was the most advanced company to “humanize” the voices of its virtual assistants like Alexa.

To compare it to the previous voice:

Unfortunately, we do not know when the vote change will take place in Spain or whether we can expect a similar update for America.