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This is the first commercial phone with an integrated thermometer

June 4, 2020

Honor, Huawei’s sub-brand, presented the market with a smartphone that can be used to measure the temperature.

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This is the first commercial phone with an integrated thermometerThis is the first commercial phone with an integrated thermometer

The corona virus pandemic has revolutionized the world we are familiar with and brought about many changes in products and services. So some applications now help us to keep social distance and Smartphones As the Honor game 4 Pro 5GYou will bring an integrated thermometer, a feature that will be very useful in these times.

This new device was launched in China by honor, Sub-brand of the mobile phone company Huaweiyou can measure the temperature of people and objects using a sensor located on the back near the photo module of the Smartphone.

According to the company, the mobile phone can measure temperatures between -20 and 100 degrees Celsius. This function is achieved by an infrared beam that has to be directed in the direction of the person, animal or object whose temperature is desired.

Photo: Recording of DHWS tests on YouTube

It is important to mention that there were phones with an integrated thermometer, but they are more for industrial use. It is the first time that a phone with high commercial availability has become part of the phone Smartphones.

In addition to this feature, the Honor Play 4 Pro has a 6.57-inch IPS LCD screen, Full HD resolution, 128 GB internal memory, 8 GB RAM, two 32 and 8 megapixel front cameras and two Rear cameras 40 and 8 megapixels and an Android 10 operating system.