This is the challenge of getting back into an organization

What happens if we are extremely careful with our hygiene habits?

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This is the challenge of getting back into an organization
This is the challenge of getting back into an organization

By: Alberto Rodríguez / CFO and operations manager YouLeader – strategic partner of Great Place to Work México

We know there was a before and after on December 31, 2019, when the Chinese health commission from Wuhan, China, reported a group of pneumonia cases in this city. Sure, the effects that this message would have on the world, its institutions, companies, governments and individuals have never occurred to us.

This event has permeated the most intimate environment of our life, in which we felt ourselves to be masters of our destiny, our habits, our free will.

We will take the time to reintegrate these behaviors into the new normal. In return, we will learn to keep a healthy distance, wash our hands better, disinfect grocery shopping, and I am sure we will return to offer “health” to an unknown person if sneezing instead of running away .

We will learn, remember and overcome all of this.

Customize is the answer

But what after we have been extremely careful with our hygiene habits? I am referring precisely to the topic that many are already talking about, namely reintegration into economic activity. Although of course not as before and less in a context where many have lost their jobs, their own business and even the desire to start …

Many have suffered, suffer and will suffer the devastation of the pandemic. The forced departure from a job that is geared towards a personal project, the unexpected closure of your company; If I just write it, I shiver and I will try to be empathetic and think about the thoughts of many owners and entrepreneurs who are or will be in this critical situation.

Every case, every situation is and will be different for everyone. We know that there are no magic formulas to meet the challenges ahead. From our experience, we offer you just a few general tips that will hopefully help you to clarify your new goals and to integrate into the new normal, to which we already involuntarily belong and which we need to activate.

Let’s do this

  • focus. If you’ve lost your job, or worse, closed the curtain on your business and fired your people, the world has not stopped rolling. Take your knowledge and experience and get ready to start over. If this includes the return to the corporate world, continue. You will already gain more experience when the waters start running.

  • The emotional and the psychological. If this is your case, be careful; If it is within your options, do it with a professional. If you are afraid of questions that you may not find an answer to, e.g. B: Can I get new funding? Will it be good to bet on this idea again? Perhaps the harsh reality will cause you to postpone your entrepreneurial phase and you should turn to an employee’s life. Remember, it’s about survival and you need to exercise, organize your emotions, thoughts, reactions, and feelings.

  • The skills and abilities. You have it in your “pocket of life”, everything you have traveled so far is reflected in your experience and achievements. It is time to identify and prioritize them. You know exactly what you can do best. Put it in your resume in a “speechEven mentally.

  • Show your added value. Prepare for the interview. Your skills and abilities all focus on the achievements and goals you have achieved during your experience. What differentiates you from others? As gray as the outlook may seem, the world of work is always hungry for talent, and this can be your moment when you adjust to the new normal.

  • From contacts and acquaintances. Use social networks, for example LinkedIn It is important and effective for your return to work. Don’t think too much; Your information that others can see will never be perfect. Check them and change them as often as necessary.

  • Share your know-how. Do not be afraid of what they will say, try to connect with suppliers and customers. Address ex-bosses, ex-employees, friends and all these organizations or people with purposes or ideas that are geared towards yours. Share the know-how associated with you and your company, share it without fear and people will look for you.

  • Prepare yourself further. This process of reintegration into the labor market is a major challenge for the resilience of an entrepreneur or businessman who can respond positively to adverse situations. It shapes you.

Charles Darwin’s writing comes to mind: “The species that survive are neither the strongest nor the fastest nor the most intelligent; but those who adapt best to change. In the struggle for survival, the fittest win at the expense of their rivals because they can adapt better to their environment. ”

Because in this time of change or rather, in this time of change, it is about adapting the challenging times and surviving. The Best jobs You are looking for and need your talent. To be present.

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