This is known about the alleged bulk hacking by Garmin

The company dedicated to the development of smartwatches has noticed an interruption in its systems.

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This is known about the alleged bulk hacking by Garmin
This is known about the alleged bulk hacking by Garmin

The number of hacks has increased these days, and one of the companies affected is probably Garmin, which is dedicated to the development of smartwatches and GPS. On Thursday, July 23, this company released an outage on their systems on their social networks, affecting applications such as Garmin Connect. This feature allows you to control the physical activity website and call center. Aviation services – flyGarmin or Garmin Explore – also stopped working.

What appears as a general system crash can be an attack by Ransomware, named as WastedLocker. A Ransomware restricts access to certain files on a system and requests a ransom to remove this restriction.

According to media like ZDNet and BleepingComputer Some statements from Garmin employees confirm that this is a massive cyber attack, and it is even said that hackers charge $ 10 million to disclose company data. However, this information has not been confirmed.

The Garmin interruption affects new downloads from its mobile app, the site closed for Friday, July 24, and it is also not possible to use the latest version of flyGarmin, the company’s GPS system used in aviation to download. in accordance with CNN business.

“Garmin is having issues with Garmin services, including Garmin Connect and Garmin Pilot. As a result, some features and services of these platforms are not available. In addition, our phone hotlines are affected by this incident, so we cannot answer calls, emails, or customer service chats. “The company wrote on its website.

Despite all of this, Garmin ensures that data such as payments or personal data has not been breached. He has also not confirmed victims of the cyber attack with the Ransomware. For the time being, the company only apologizes to its users for the service it has stopped.

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