This is how your dog can help you during this quarantine

These are some activities that you can do together with your furry best friend to free yourself from the stress during this crisis by COVID-19.

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Playing with your dog is surely one of the activities that you enjoy the most. Several studies report that having a pet at home increases the level of oxytocin in the brain, a hormone that causes a feeling of calm and happiness. Dog owners tend to have less depression and feel more accompanied and positive.

This is how your dog can help you during this quarantine
This is how your dog can help you during this quarantine

Such is the connection that occurs between humans and dogs, that 80% of those who have a dog have reported that they consider it one more member of their family.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), there are 23 million cats and dogs in the country and 89% of people who say they have a pet prefer a dog.

In these days that we must remain at home to avoid any type of contagion by the coronavirus COVID-19, your pet can become your best ally.

Together they can help each other release the energy and energy contained. Ainare Ruiz, zootechnical veterinary doctor and Pedigree specialist says that a walk with your pet can be a good idea, as long as you do it in open places and that this outing does not imply having contact with other people.

Together against stress

In addition to these walks, the specialist recommends the following activities that you can do together at home:

Release anxiety with games. Place prizes inside a rubber toy, this helps strengthen your cognitive development and keeps you entertained for a long time.

Food to strengthen your relationship. If you want to give it variety when you eat, you can put some water on an ice tray and empty an envelope in fillets in each space, so that you can freeze them and use them as prizes.

Awards as physical activity . Hide your prizes or your favorite toy, it is an activity that in addition to helping you strengthen and practice with your nose, will keep you physically active looking from one place to another.

Training. Ask yourself what your dog needs to learn or what you would like to teach him. You can use this time at home to teach him a new trick and reinforce it with daily practice. Don't forget that they learn through repetition, be consistent and reward them when they do it correctly.

Remember that the World Health Organization (WHO) has no evidence that this virus is transmitted from pets to humans or vice versa , so you can rest easy living with your pet on a regular basis. Either way, some recommendations are to wash your hands after each walk and clean your dog's paws; For this you can use a little antibacterial gel, wet wipes or use soap and water as if you washed your hands.

People who are sick or under medical care due to Covid-19 should avoid direct contact with their pets and leave their care to other household members or friends, as long as they also take into account and respect the hygiene measures to take care of them. .

Remember that one of your best allies in the care of your pet is the veterinary doctor. In the end, the most important thing is that you are healthy and well fed.

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