This is how you take care of the mental health of your employees while they are in the home office

Aidée Zamorano, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Zurich Mexico, gives us the necessary tips.

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This is how you take care of the mental health of your employees while they are in the home office
This is how you take care of the mental health of your employees while they are in the home office

Have you ever thought about living in a world historical event? Certainly not. The Covid 19 pandemic surprised the entire planet and people had to adjust to a completely different lifestyle within a few days. The companies have sent their employees home, and physical intervention and distancing have affected our mental health.

“The Global Risk Report 2020 The study presented in January of this year showed that 700 million people worldwide are currently suffering from a mental illness, be it depression or anxiety. By 2050, it is estimated that at least three times more of this population will be affected, ”said Aidée Zamorano, director of corporate social responsibility Zurich Mexico, in an interview with in Spanish.

Working from home can pose various challenges for people and everything affects the organization you have, whether you live alone, live with your parents or have children or partners, the concentration is not the same or it is not so easy when you have to do housework.

Without taboos

Yes, we are in the second decade of the 21st century and speak with a little more freedom on certain topics. However, a lot of people are a little suspicious when we talk about them, and this is where mental health comes into play, an issue that we have to consider as important as the current virus.

“They still have the wrong idea that a mental health problem is negative, and no, companies need to understand that the mental health problem is like going to the gym. People have to work and accept their emotions so that they get their maximum can achieve potential, ”says Zamorano.

In this context, Aidée Zamorano shared with us some strategies that companies can use to maintain the mental health of their employees in times of detention:

1. Include a gender perspective in psychiatric care

“There are certain omissions where companies don’t have company policies to accompany women who now need to combine professional roles and childcare, who don’t go to school now, and need to do tasks from home.”

2. Prioritize activities to reduce stress

“In Zurich, we focused on communicating to our employees and reminding them that we work within the company according to goals, not schedules, so that they take care of every family dynamic.”

3. Conduct activities during the week that help you reduce stress and promote communication

For example, the insurance company conducts an activity on Thursdays where its employees meet to talk about personal growth and provide content for them to relax, e.g. B. Yoga classes and mentoring to help them learn to accept and identify emotions.

4. Include psychological support in the company

“To do this, they can have a medical professional on the team or, if they don’t have one, look for an alliance, even with a civil society organization dedicated to dealing with these cases.”

After this Global Risk Report 2020 Under the leadership of the World Economic Forum, mental health would take the lead in leading deaths this and the next decade. For this reason, it is necessary that you take care of both your mental health and that of your employees.

“Mental health manifestations don’t just have to occur with dementia or anxiety, they start with manifestations of stress or depression, and the restriction we experience is a favorable scenario to create stress and depression in the population,” explains Aidée Zamorano .

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