This is how you should tell the story of your company to attract more customers

If you want to be successful as a company, humanize your brand, develop a personality and don’t forget your values.

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This is how you should tell the story of your company to attract more customers
This is how you should tell the story of your company to attract more customers

Every company has a story to tell that connects the brand with consumers. As a business owner aged social networks You have a great opportunity to win loyal customers by redefining the way you express your company’s values.

oodily, a recipe website, has decided to introduce itself as the largest recipe compiler on the Internet. After hiring Love Social, a social media advertising agency, he found that this wasn’t the story he was supposed to tell.

The founder, Azita Ardakani, has redefined Foodily’s values ​​and explained that it is a platform where you can spend more time with family and friends at home. On social media, he asked users to share their best memories of lunch and dinner. “We are having a natural conversation,” said the businesswoman.

What has made this interpretation of Foodily so much more successful is that it has created an opportunity for create human connections. “And these connections are the DNA of social networks,” says Azita.

In order to attract and retain customers, you need to create an emotional bond. We give three tips to express the history of your company and “humanize” your brand:

1. Expand your value idea

To perform excellently in today’s market, you need to define the value of your business on a human rather than a business level. “Companies typically look for their value in direct relation to sales,” says Ardakani. “This business vision distracts you from who you really are and what you hope for.”

Your true value is what you believe in; What you want to do in the world and how you want to improve the lives of others. “You have to stick to why you are important,” says the entrepreneur.

You have to ask yourself: How is your product made? What is the culture of your office? The idea is that you find out what matters to your company, an aspect of your business that makes it unique and valuable to the world around you.

2. Set up a common language

The main value of your company must be similar to your vision and everyone in the company must be on the same side. “A CEO and an employee can describe a company very differently,” says Ardakani. “So a common language creates an internal bond about who you are.”

Ask people of different ranks and positions to say five adjectives that they would use to describe the company, and two aspects of which they believe will make it unique and valuable. Find common terms or ideas, synthesize them and create a clear description.

3. Give your brand a human voice

If you know why you matter and how you describe your value, choose the type of person who can best convey this message. “You are finally creating a personality,” says Ardanki. Ask yourself: is it a man or a woman? Extrovert or introvert? Idealistic or realistic? And do you also think that if your company were human, what would it look like physically and what would its concerns be?

With this clarity, you can develop a real person to help you build a loyal customer base. “The brands that have had greater success on social networks have managed to humanize their business,” says Ardakani. “They have remained true to their nature and remain open and honest.”

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