This is how you keep your team energized during the holidays

Here are two areas of focus that will reinvigorate your employees during the holiday season.

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This is how you keep your team energized during the holidays
This is how you keep your team energized during the holidays

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  • Promote wellbeing in your team.
  • Let them know how much you care about their feelings and that you know what a difficult year it was.
  • No more emails after 5 p.m. on vacation.

This year the holidays are different than in the past. Many families were in quarantine together year-round and struggled to balance the lines between work and home. It is exhausting making calls, holding virtual meetings, and attending online conferences while feeding small children and pets. The work seems to have no end and many are struggling with burnout. We all have much-needed free time to properly strengthen ourselves as individuals and as a team.

If 2020 is coming to an end and 2021 feels unsafe (work circumstances, vaccinations, etc) there are ways you can help your team recharge and move into 2021. You feel refreshed and ready to face new (or old) challenges. That is there.

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Promote health and wellness during the holiday season

Balance is the name of the game. Think about the various policies and practices that have been introduced this year and see if they have worked. 2020 was the year of the transition to remote working and virtual collaboration. Workplace stress combined with family / personal obligations can lead to burnout and fatigue, which affect productivity and effectiveness in all areas of life.

As a leader, you need to be willing to be generous and flexible. Take a closer look at your rules and regulations and discover the areas where flexibility is available. Check if you can add additional days off, e.g. B. Mandatory Mental Health Days. Or ask during the holidays whether the team can save the mandatory blocking times, ie in December there will be no more business e-mails after 5:00 p.m.

Send intentional and thoughtful year-end notes to your employees. Realize the struggles and imperfections with the transition and new guidelines. It makes people feel special and remind them that you are thinking of them.

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Provide gifts that encourage relaxation and recharge. For example, gift cards are a great way to offer options for local massages, nail salons, and more. And if those stores aren’t open yet due to COVID-19 restrictions, your team members can look forward to something in the future while supporting a small local business at the same time.

In the coming months, make connecting a priority and try doing some group activities such as B. virtually guided meditation workshops or online exercise courses. Teams can also hire a therapist and hold a workshop to discuss tactics for monitoring stress and wellbeing, especially those with increased responsibility during vacations.

Make wellness a priority for the team and prepare your staff for the message that their wellbeing is important and that their ability to recharge in the months ahead is a top priority. Employers who can do this successfully will see greater engagement and productivity as the new year begins.

Protect time and energy

Research has shown that younger women and men have changed priorities as they seek more flexible work opportunities. In 2021, it is more likely that we can expect a hybrid solution between virtual work and the office. The best way to accept these new rules and build teams is to open up lines of communication and reduce the stigma of having conversations about what a flexible work life looks like. By listening to the concerns of individuals and teams, managers can resolve challenges and focus on what works for the future.

After most of the year, take some time to ask your reps if they have the right tools for their home office. Join in and see how you as a company can support their work environment through grants for fast internet, office supplies (paper, pens) and suitable furniture (i.e. chairs with wooden supports). Offer discounts or deals on chairs and tables that can be used at home.

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These next few months are also a perfect time for individuals and families to find ways to give back to the community and to volunteer. Ask if your employees are interested in volunteering for the holidays and help find virtual or in-person events to attend. Volunteering has been shown to increase purpose and performance. You could also volunteer together as a team to continue building external and working relationships. For example, we recently met and written messages of encouragement to seniors online. We were able to give back and at the same time catch up with people in our lives outside of work.

Finally, take this opportunity to reflect with others. Rate the office tools that worked or that would be nice. This can be anything from virtual conference tools to online collaboration services. Also, take a look at team communication and see if any changes need to be made or things are going well. Ask how people thought the past year and what they hope for 2021. Encourage and support their views and show grace wherever possible. 2020 has been tough and these holidays are a great time to take some time to breathe and recharge.

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