This is how you create value for your brand according to Jacob Pace, the most popular tiktokero in the world

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This is how you create value for your brand according to Jacob Pace, the most popular tiktokero in the world
This is how you create value for your brand according to Jacob Pace, the most popular tiktokero in the world

lighthouse is a leading brand in digital entertainment for the next generation. With only 22 years, Jacob Pace Already the founder of a new production house with more than 26 million fans and 2 billion visits per month, he created the most visited brand on TikTok.

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“Sometimes the best way to create value in others is to just lock yourself in a room and think of something that can improve the lives of others,” said Jacob Pace, CEO of Flighthouse.

Flighthouse CEO says he’s often asked if the entrepreneurship acquired it or if it’s a natural trait in him, but believes he has trusted his dream since he was six, later one at 14 To become a very successful actor years ago he opened a YouTube channel. However, he has a philosophy of trying and trying out new activities related to entrepreneurship, always open to learning.

“For me, the most important thing is to trust people and form a team with them. To involve more and more people in my projects, but that they are committed to the same idea and are looking for growth opportunities, ”says Pace.

Before doing business in Los Angeles, I first spent time on Facebook, Instagram or various platforms to understand and know more about people, also to build relationships and thus offer added value to others.

Flighthouse is one of the many projects he launched, but the difference to his huge success is that he was very passionate about what he does. He considers passion a very important factor in starting a business.

“If you have good ideas, you are always right, no one says you are wrong. The most important thing is if you think it’s going to happen, you can do it, ”says Pace.

Which factor makes Flighthouse so popular?

“I found a very small market for sound platforms. Flighthouse is characterized by originality and creativity, which attracts many users, ”says Pace.

What have you learned from your efforts so far?

“You cannot underestimate your ideas. If you have one, it will most likely work. Get that voice out of your head telling you it’s not possible. It is always good to try, as the project progresses you will find out if it works and how to do it, but after you have encouraged yourself to do it, ”says the businessman.

What challenges do you face when hiring or building a work team?

“It’s important to trust people, especially what they do best, because ultimately, I’m the type who believes that if you hire a good team, they know how to keep the group up and growing. I also appreciate it if they want this opportunity too much, ”Pace emphasizes.

Find people who are very committed to the company, be part of it and really impress people.

Image: Jacob Pace via Instagram

How do you manage your finances?

“In the beginning it was difficult for me because the numbers were collecting. A short time later, however, I met people who supported me with the company’s accounting, which made my work a lot easier, ”says the businessman.

The above goes hand in hand with the confidence that you need to impress people to delegate activities that take your time and that you are not an expert in. Analyzing your strengths is the key to the success of the process. However, you may have to do this yourself first.

There are many “Rockstars Moments”How do you deal with these activities like at a conference or interview when you are on business?

“In general, I find it very positive, but it’s important to mediate between being in the spotlight and working on yourself,” explains Pace.

“The most important thing is that you are the one who knows about this idea and can develop it if you defend it. Nobody can tell you that it is wrong. Try to find all possible paths, always following your values. I still polish myself as a manager and learn every day, ”adds the businessman.

What was the toughest moment in your career?

“I guess if you think the project can fail. I always do my best as soon as I wake up. It’s a constant job that takes time, but you keep learning every day, ”Pace replies.

How can you always keep the company high?

“To have a constant desire to innovate, create an internet culture, and continue to produce amazing content for audiences. It’s also good to stay curious and alert to changes, ”Pace replies.

Every brand is different, expectations are very valuable and they are reflected. Think about how strategies and goals are implemented. Likewise, it is important to focus on skills in order to be able to run the business.

“What I’ve learned about advertising, especially online, is that it’s getting easier to connect with your audience, but it needs to be properly delineated,” Pace concludes.

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