This is how we will be in the world after Covid-19

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Although it was only a few weeks ago, the world we left behind when we limited ourselves to curbing the spread of Covid-19 will not return. Not only because it takes a long time before an effective vaccine against this coronavirus comes onto the market and is available to everyone, but also because social distancing leaves all of us with real psychological hangovers that we simply cannot do again be like before.

This is how we will be in the world after Covid-19
This is how we will be in the world after Covid-19

The innovation consultancy Opinno has published the report Restart: 10 post-Covid 19 trends analyzing how this pandemic will change us every day and lead to a new reality.

According to us, things like health, hygiene, fear of crowds will be part of our lives Opinno.

These are the 10 attitudes that will change in us as a result of the pandemic.

1. Social hypochondria


According to the report, we will live for a long time in fear of catching loved ones or being exposed to an illness. That means we’re going to be health, hygiene, exercise, Wellness and preventive medicine.

2. A kind of agoraphobia


Do you remember the last concert you attended? Would you go to such an event under the current world conditions? From different perspectives, thanks to the impact of the pandemic, we will avoid crowds, avoid physical contact as much as possible, and give priority to open spaces. What about public transportation?

According to Oppino, we will avoid unnecessary transfers to avoid exposing ourselves to public transportation.

3. The return of repairs


The economic crisis that causes us to continue to close will also cause us to spend less and save more. That means the cost-effective lifestyle will grow, with repair and recycling taking priority before spending on new things.

4. Local consumption will be king

Image: Anton Khmelnitsky on Unsplash

Instinct for the community, Opinno says, will lead to a kind of “industrial patriotism” that will boost local consumption. This is partly due to the fact that globalization is being redefined and the pandemic has already forced millions of companies to reorganize their supply chains and supplier base in order to continue operating despite the partial closure of the borders.

5. New heroes

Image: Nielson Caetano-Salmeron on Unsplash

The importance of essential workers is more widely recognized. Employees such as vans, supermarket vendors, cleaning staff, doctors, nurses and others will enjoy more respect in most parts of the world (hopefully this phenomenon will repeat itself in Mexico).

6. First, digital

Image: Visuals via Unsplash

The direct effect that fear of person-to-person interactions has is that we give priority to digital activities. Teleworking, video conferencing and internet entertainment have arrived to accommodate our new routine and will no longer work. Or rather, we don’t want them to go. We will not go to meetings or appointments on the other side of the city if, for example, these can be solved with a zoom appointment.

Digital governments have to become a reality to stimulate economic recovery.

Hand in hand with the growth of the digital world, the search for cyber security will of course be a fundamental part of our lives.

7. Work Really Collaborative


We will be more aware of the problems facing our community, especially that of our families and friends. Social distancing has forced us to spend more time with “ours”. Therefore, companies that have taken solidarity measures during the pandemic are favored by consumers in the event of a new crisis.

8. We will be more suspicious


The infodemic we experienced along with the health crisis has made us more suspicious of the bad news. In the future, and as the final results of health strategies become visible in every country, we will make higher demands on the quality of the information we consume and reject manipulative strategies and lies.

9. We will seek the balance between freedom and privacy


According to Opinno’s analysts, we will be a more sensitive society that will greatly appreciate the importance of freedom and privacy due to the mobility restrictions we have experienced.

10. Greener

Picture: Noah Buscher on Unsplash

The effect hyperglobalization of the world had on the Covid 19 boost will not be easily forgotten. As we will try to save more, we will try to have a positive impact on the community and to be sustainable and sustainable in what we do with our lives (open a business or have a family).

What effects do you already see on yourself or your loved ones?

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