This is how Warren Buffett and Bill Gates became millionaires, even though they were introverted

Some of the most powerful business leaders in the world succeed, although they don’t feel comfortable in large groups.

What do managers like? Bill Gates, Elon musk y Warren Buffett? All three are not only billionaires, media experts and extremely ambitious in their own way, but also self-proclaimed introverts.

This is how Warren Buffett and Bill Gates became millionaires, even though they were introverted
This is how Warren Buffett and Bill Gates became millionaires, even though they were introverted

Musk has said in the past that he was partly inspired to start his own business because he was too nervous to speak to someone when he was looking for his first job in the technology world.

Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List, an entrepreneurial service platform, told that due to her shyness, she did not consider herself an entrepreneur for a long time.

“Even though I started a company, I didn’t look like a typical entrepreneur. I’m not really that charismatic,” said Hicks. “You have to learn to be successful in your own way.”

Despite her self-image, Hicks is a successful entrepreneur. He has been running his business for 24 years without changing the way he is.

And if you’re introverted and thinking about starting a business, there’s no need to worry, even if you’re shy in certain social situations. Here are some reasons why Introversion serves the entrepreneur and those responsible.

They are good problem solvers

During a 2013 question and answer session at the University of New South Wales in Australia, Gates explained why he thinks introverts can have an advantage in overcoming obstacles. “If you’re smart, you can learn how to take advantage of an introvert. For example, be prepared to go away for a few days and think about a difficult problem, read as much as you can, and try to find a solution on your own Gates said, and then explained that teams need to be able to use the strengths of extroverts and introverts to help a company thrive.

Build deep one-to-one relationships

Hicks says that as his company grew, he had to pay special attention to the significant interactions with his employees. “I spend time every week and have 15-minute sessions. Everyone in the company can come to me to talk about any topic,” Hicks told . “I use as much as I can to learn from them, and that really allowed me to build relationships with people I might never have met.”

Communication and connection with people is important to them

In a 2013 conversation with Levo League, a career website for young women, Warren Buffett shared why it is so important to feel comfortable in public at the beginning of his career. “If you can’t communicate and speak to other people, give up your potential.” The investor commented, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re afraid to connect with other people, you have to go out and do it. When I was young, I attended a public speaking course. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do some difficult things. “

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