This initiative will allow your business to maintain income even if it is closed

They launch When We Come Back, a platform that seeks to save neighborhood businesses from death.

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This initiative will allow your business to maintain income even if it is closed
This initiative will allow your business to maintain income even if it is closed

Restaurants, cafes, bars, beauty salons, small shops among others could be saved from death. How? Thanks to a new initiative that seeks for small businesses to maintain their income despite being closed due to social confinement to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is the platform When We Come Back , launched by Igeneris , in which businesses can upload plans such as meals, haircuts, courses, special product packages and discounts, among others, that people can buy now and can consume when pass the emergency.

In this way, businesses can continue to generate income and continue to pay fixed expenses such as electricity, water, rent, in addition to the salaries of their collaborators.

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Tomás Bobillo Hernández, Country Manager of Igeneris, a venture builder dedicated to designing new businesses for medium and large companies based in Madrid and Mexico City, and one of the promoters of this initiative, says that it all started the first weekend of confinement by COVID-19.

The operations of many businesses in Spain, especially bars, had already stopped, so some of the members of Igeneris began to put ideas on the table to help SMEs stay afloat. The result was When We Go Back, which has already delivered 50,000 euros to Madrid businesses.

The platform in Mexico

Given the good results in Spain, this startup factory decided to replicate the initiative in Mexico. Bobillo clarifies that it is 100% altruistic , so they are not charging any commission for businesses to get on the platform. Igeneris sets up the payment gateway for businesses to collect the products offered and only charges 2.25% of the commission generated by this operation.

“It is not a donation,” says Tomás. Buyers receive a purchase coupon and redemption instructions upon confinement.

In one week of its launch in the country, they have already added 30 businesses and have 50 offers. They hope the numbers continue to grow.

Join the initiative

  1. Fill out a form. With this, it is validated that the business exists, since issues such as RFCs, addresses and that the offers are viable are verified.
  2. They will contact you from the platform to detail your offer and publish it.
  3. Spread that you are on the platform. Tomás says that it works much better if you notify your regular customers and consumers, who will surely be able to recommend and support you.
  4. Receive the money. The total sold will be deposited in a period of between eight and 10 days.

Tomás acknowledges that although they are verifying the existence of the businesses, they cannot ensure that everyone stays afloat after the contingency. So he says it will work a lot based on trust.

“Several of the businesses that have joined trust to return to operations, although it is evident that they will not have the same income that they had before the crisis,” he comments. However, those who have already joined the initiative assure that if they cannot continue, they will provide the service or return the money.

Thank a doctor

In addition to business support, there is a way to support doctors and health personnel on the platform. Here they are joining forces with some businesses and entrepreneurs who are developing some products that can help healthcare personnel in their tasks. Such is the case of Pymo , which developed a biosafety suit and a medical kit, which can be sold through this platform.

Enroll your business here .

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