This entrepreneur developed a cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to help people

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This entrepreneur developed a cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to help people
This entrepreneur developed a cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence to help people

Ivan Caballero is a Catalan technological serial entrepreneur whoIn his fourth company, he received a call from his lead customer, an airline, stating that they were about to close and that any debts they had on them could not be paid, which meant his team of 17 was released.

An hour later Ivan receives the news that he would become a father, that moment of shock, which led from business success to failure, to the feeling of absolute creation by his future fatherhood, prompted him to try to leave a better world.

So in 2013 as a social experiment in Barcelona Decides to confirm the hypothesis that a disinterested relief effort can transform an entire society by creating a chain effect.

So he decided to create Social Coin, a virtual currency in which the person who received this support, by helping someone, had an obligation to help someone else and to generate a chain of favors. In one year they achieved more than 500,000 positive actions with more than 20,000 social coins distributed in more than 70 countries. This social experiment became a global movement that enables you to understand what motivates people to help others.

“To want to help people, they have to have a context in which the social needs are around them. Generosity can improve our lives, but also that of others,” says Ivan.

After this training, at the end of 2015 they won a grant of one million euros for the European Commission with Citibeats, a project to identify citizens’ real-time needs using social data to make informed decisions using ethical artificial intelligence.

They were later awarded the World Summit Award United Nations as the most innovative project in global inclusion and empowerment, in addition to being selected as one of the Projects for gifted citizens in Ciudad de las Ideas, Puebla.

In 2017, they invested the capital received from the European Commission in developing their technology in collaboration with the Spanish Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and in 2018 they launched the first version of Citibeats.

Build an analytics platform with machine learning algorithms and Natural language processingcan handle large amounts of text data in any language and any text format. The aim is to help multilateral organizations and development banks to respond more quickly to social problems and to develop initiatives that contribute to better solutions.

Citibeats Team / Image: Courtesy of Citibeats

During COVID-19, Citibeats worked with the Inter-American Development Bank Y. United Nations Development Program to identify the needs of the population, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Help in identifying needs that might be hidden in the population, for example, on April 15th New York Times reported hunger problems in Venezuela and Colombia, but the Caballero algorithm had discovered them 14 days earlier.

“We learned that one of the pillars of promoting citizen participation is understanding the needs of society. That’s why we created Citibeats with artificial intelligence for massive analysis of social data in text format. However, it would not make sense if we did not use this type of three pillar technologies that we consider ethical “.

1. user privacy, In order to avoid the collection of personal data and to delete it for any reason immediately after the analysis is completed, we delete the traceability of the users who generated this information.

2. reduce the preload, Around 70% of the content generated on social networks in Latin America is from men, which skews and misrepresents women’s voices. The same applies to certain age groups and races, which are not so strongly represented in the overall analysis of social networks. Hence, we have developed our own technology to draw balanced conclusions.

3. Use cases that have a positive impact on society. Many of the artificial intelligence tools are used to sell more. At Citibeats, however, we understand the importance of using these technologies in projects where it has a positive impact on society and directly affects people’s wellbeing, ”says Ivan.

According to Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Director Andrew Ng, “Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity and all industries will be affected by it,” so it will play a fundamental role in our lives every day, which is crucial to directors of public and private organizations understand the opportunities offered to them in using this type of technology, and particularly in the public sector, to empower citizens to identify the main problems and encourage participation in creating solutions that will benefit their community and therefore the World.

As an entrepreneur, access to technologies like artificial intelligence is democratized every day, which gives us great power to solve great problems in the world, but any great power implies great responsibility, which is why it is very important to detonate conversations about it ethical artificial intelligence.

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