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This Chilean startup will help you to rent your property 100% digitally and securely

June 5, 2020

Houm won Finance Forward Latam 2019’s call to be a company that may have an impact in other countries.

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This Chilean startup will help you to rent your property 100% digitally and securelyThis Chilean startup will help you to rent your property 100% digitally and securely

The world and Chile have one great issue in mind: COVID-19, the dreaded corona virus that keeps human relationships, health and the economy at bay. In this scenario, and six months after the “social outbreak”, there is a company that has completed a round of financing with national and international investors with the goal of continuing to grow inside and outside the country.

The company was founded in 2018 and is called today Houm. Was originally Insured lease, Name under which it made rapid progress thanks to a technology start-up that solves the bureaucracy and paperwork problem of renting a property. They also offer a 100% online service with the option of insurance for the owner, with which he has no liquidity problems or non-payment by the tenant.

This Chilean startup won the call Finance Forward Latam 2019 – From the American business accelerator Village Capital by PayPal and the Metlife Foundation – for a company that could have an impact in other countries; All of this goes hand in hand to generate $ 1 million in sales and manage over $ 50 million in real estate in just over a year.

When Chile experienced the “social outbreak”, this startup was in talks with various venture capital funds established in the region in order to speed up its business activities inside and outside the country. These deals were completed when the corona virus threat was already looming in Asia and Europe.

In total, Houm raised $ 1.3 million with the support of Fen Ventures, the Alerce Fund, and Magma Partners. With whom it was decided to use these funds to generate brand awareness, expand the platform in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, grow as a team and further improve the functions of the company with an innovative idea from the founders Nicolás Knockaert and Benjamín Labra.

Benjamín Labra and Nicolás Knockaert, founders of Houm. Photo: Courtesy of Houm.

“Our goal is to make the leasing experience much easier and more pleasant for both the tenant and the owner. The less bureaucracy, the better, ”says Labra, co-founder and CEO,“ We ​​have entered a very inefficient and fragmented industry in which the processes didn’t have much transparency and technology. Be slow and unsure that you would get the rent effectively, ”he adds.

And now, in the middle of a pandemic?

After the investment was made, the brand was first renamed and renamed Houm. Why? When we were planning, we didn’t want a name to limit us to the future. Houm is friendlier, more memorable and sounds identical to the English word “home”. Then they developed a number of modifications based on their technology, in which – without knowing the times of social distancing – they were prepared for # StayOnCasa

“We are a technology startup, it is our heart and the starting point for everything. We want to simplify the rental experience, which offers us many growth opportunities. With that in mind, Houm is the only real estate broker for 100% digital real estate, where every phase of the leasing process (planning a visit, booking and signing a contract) can be done from home, saving you time and money, which is particularly valuable today is. Benjamin explains.

If someone is interested in a property, Houm makes it possible to opt for a personal visit by streaming over the Houmers to the property. They take a virtual tour so they can see every detail of the room from home and solve any questions that arise. It should be noted that these properties have been checked beforehand by the “HoumCheckers” who check every publication on the platform.