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This Argentinian currency exchange helps eat the most needy

May 22, 2020

The crypto community grows in difficult times. This is explained by the decision of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, which donated 30% of the commissions collected in April to Food Bank, a nonprofit organization in Argentina that helps the most needy to eat in communal canteens.

With this initiative, the Food Bank Prepare more than 6,500 dishes, which guarantees that around 100 children and teenagers can eat at least twice a day for at least 30 consecutive days.

This adds up, especially given that 40% of the country’s children received free food aid at school and are currently not receiving this support due to social detachment and quarantine.

This Argentinian currency exchange helps eat the most needy
This Argentinian currency exchange helps eat the most needy

CoinTelegraph in Spanish spoke to the company’s co-founder, Javier Lanusse, to find out where this idea came from, what goals it pursues, and what details the humanitarian initiative contains. “”This campaign is born in two places at the same timeLanusse made it clear.

“”In the background, Decrypto’s mission is to be a socially responsible company that wants to make an impact and cares about what’s going on around it. In the short term, there are also concerns from the company’s partners. The situation is really difficult for many people, and the truth is that it is difficult to turn your face and remain unchanged in the face of the neighbors suffering“He said and assured them that they hope this action will have a positive impact.

The goal is clear: Whoever needs it most can have food on the table. “”We know that this doesn’t solve basic questions, but today there are people who don’t have to eat. We talk about the basics, the elementary, the inevitable, the first. “Lanusse emphasized.

For the Argentines, it is possible that this campaign will become a long-term initiative that will help more people even after the pandemic. “”We believe that this campaign can be a long-term initiative because doing good is contagious and the truth is you can do a lot with little“He expressed.

To maintain this good energy and infect others, has decided to create a new challenge called #CryptoChallengeSolidario, which is intended to encourage other members of this community to do their part, which Lanusse is no stranger to this ecosystem that he called designated “very supportive”.

“The crypto movement is exciting, it is full of smart, caring people. In solidarity with those who are part of it, in solidarity with the new who have just entered this world, and in solidarity with those who do not yet know anything about this world. Members of this ecosystem like disruption and innovation, equal opportunities and hope. It is such a rebellious and dreamy ecosystem that it can change everything it touches, ”he said.

The idea is to realize this spirit in concrete actions, in this case to donate plates of food and to invite others to do the same. “T.Everything is managed through the Food Bank Foundation, which has a very efficient track record in feeding hundreds of thousands of people. Decrypto has entered into an agreement with the Food Bank, the aim of which is to be catalysts to extend this understanding to as many people or companies as possible.Lanusse emphasized.