This Argentine CBD yerba buddy is taking off in Miami

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By Hernán Panessi

This Argentine CBD yerba buddy is taking off in Miami
This Argentine CBD yerba buddy is taking off in Miami

“Milonga’s is a strange story,” warns Shadi Atassi, an American soccer player of Syrian origin and an Argentine family who, together with his father, designed the first organic yerba partner with CBD in the United States. “It’s a different and unique merger around the world,” he continues.

– –Around the world?

– Yes, there are some in Uruguay, but they do something different. You mix the hemp leaf with that of yerba mate. This doesn’t mean there is CBD. It’s a different process from us. We are the first to do this organic process to infuse yerba mate with CBD extract.

Image: Courtesy of Milonga via El Planteo

The Companion’s Evangelizer

Grew up in Miami, where his family still lives (half Argentine, half Syrian) and with a professional gift in Lebrijana, the Andalusian third division of Spain, Shadi was always obsessed with buddy.

And on his travels around the world He became a kind of evangelizer.

“I knew him when I was little because my mother drank at home. I’ve always lived it as something nostalgic. He also saw Messi and Suarez taking it. I never went to mating until I was playing in Banfield and living in his boarding house. There I was with boys from the interior and lived with people from La Rioja, Salta, Mendoza from all over the world. When they drink mate in Buenos Aires, they drink three times”He remembers in perfect Spanish.

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With this football experience, which combines the sentimental and the cultural, Shadi has included his partner in his routines. “It’s an excuse to speak, it’s a sign of trust. When I touched them, I understood how important partners are for Argentinians“, Account.

Buddy and CBD

Due to his organic family upbringing, CBD has always been close to him. In fact, his father Samer uses CBD products to help relieve his body aches and pains. “Instead of using pharmaceutical pills, it was always more than natural.”

Image: Courtesy of Milonga via El Planteo

Meanwhile, The expansion of the cannabis world into the North American market led the family to join their two passions and face the Milonga project. “We give a product with pure transparency. We explain the infusion process, we want to offer the public something that has not been seen and that will benefit them, ”he assures them.

At the start of the pandemic and under strict quarantine, his father – responsible for Latin America for a company that markets anti-fraud technology – and he – a young footballer at the height of his career – They had the opportunity to share time with each other.

“When I talked to my father about new ventures, it was always about yerba mate. “What if we mix weeds with CBD?” And we found a nice idea. It took a few months to find the formula, the herb, the CBD that gave us the benefit we wanted, the packaging design and the overall identity. We wanted to release a product and make people understand anything from 0 to 10”, Shadi Dixit.

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Anxiolytic properties

In this merger yerba Milonga manages to achieve a good taste and creates a touch of calm due to the permissible dose of CBD. “Milonga serves, among other things, to reduce anxiety,” he says.

And it goes on: “It’s a mixture that identifies us”.

On their website a 200g bag. from Yerba, it costs about $ 16.95 and is enough for 7 friends. In return, the middle bag of 340g. It’s worth $ 20.95 and makes about 10 servings. And the cost of a large half-pound bag is $ 29.75 and 14 servings.

The fact is: each serving contains 25 mg. of CBD extract.

Image: Courtesy of Milonga via El Planteo

– –What’s wrong with the United States and the buddy?

– There are many people in the United States who know yerba mate. It became fashionable to drink it in a can as an energizer. Latinos like to have a buddy and a yerba from the US. Seeing an American product that touches its roots gives it a sentimental twist. And those who really like it are interested in taking it the way we do.

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– –What kind of audience do you have?

– Lots of Latinos who are in the United States. While it’s a niche, it’s a huge one. There are a lot of Latinos and a lot of vegans who want a healthy product. They know that with Milonga they have pure transparency. We are consumed by curious people between the ages of 24 and 45. And not to mention the world of CBD that doesn’t want to consume it as chocolate or gummy bears. With milonga they find a creative way to take it. There aren’t many people in the United States who have the pumpkin mate and drink it with a lightbulb in order for the product to be appreciated by this side.

Business on the rise

In these days, Milonga is officially distributed in Germany, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic, among other.

Not yet in Argentina or Spain, Your residence. “Themes, creams and oils are allowed here, but no food.”

Image: Courtesy of Milonga via El Planteo

At the time with the prosperity of business They plan to bring out some capsules compatible with Nespresso and Keurig. “This is going to be coming out very soon for the Yankee public who don’t want to fatten up.” Short term, They plan on adding a version with no CBD. In the medium, buddy cooked in tea bags. And in the long run, like at the end of the year, some cold cans.

“There is a special process for every product,” the young man concludes.

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