They will offer a dApps development course on Ethereum

In Colombia, they will offer a dApps development course on Ethereum. So they reported by Coinosis via his Twitter account. Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke to the organizers for more details.

“Is about A hands-on dApps development course on Ethereum, where programmers meet weekly to build a free-market style app, but in a decentralized manner“The organizers explained.

“”The Coinosis methodology is used and an online learning space is created for programmers who meet to create a dApp that works with Ethereum smart contracts“They added later.

They will offer a dApps development course on Ethereum
They will offer a dApps development course on Ethereum

It should be noted that at these meetings, minimum costs for registration at the ETH must be paid and, depending on the contribution to the build-up of knowledge, the participants may get back more than they paid at the beginning.

The course is planned by Emilio Silva Schlenker, Colombian full-stack developer who has worked in companies like Autark and is now development manager for Coinosis.

The first session will take place on Thursday, July 9th, in which Silva will share its knowledge of developing decentralized applications. In this context, he said: “We will address the benefits of decentralizing a platform like MercadoLibre, analyze a trading platform in its main components, understand the scope of the dApp that we will develop, outline its architecture and give it a name. This is the only theoretical session of the course. Anyone interested in the development of dApps is welcome, even if they do not intend to continue the course. As with any Coinosis conversation, there will be a large space for questions and discussion. “

The goal of this series of meetings is to bring together in a video call people who are interested in creating dApps. Each session focuses on one of the following topics:

1. How to create a decentralized free market (July 9)

2. Writing a basic contract with Solidity (16th of July)

3. Compile, test and deploy a contract with Truffle (July 23)

4. Writing a frontend with Web3.js. (30th July)

5. Connect the components of a dApp to the webpack (6th of August)

“In the end, participants will bring out a dApp that does the same work as Mercado Libre. The advantage is that they will see how a project is structured that Ethereum uses to program smart contracts,” the organization said.

Some organizational details

During the five weeks that the course will last, Emilio Silva will be responsible for the curriculum structure. On the other hand, Juan David Reyes will work together as part of the Coinosis team to conduct the talks.

“”The philosophy of learning is cooperationBecause the creators of Coinosis are convinced that knowledge flows in many directions, not only from experts to the public, but that the participants can also contribute to it, ”said Reyes.

In this sense, They propose two forms of value exchange. First, the participants of each session must enter a minimum value for the ETH. This joint fund is distributed at the end according to the respective contributions. Secondly, there will be staggered prices, ie from the second session onwards the input value will decrease by 0.01 ether. In this way, the commitment of the participants will be rewarded with lower prices over the course of the course.

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