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They were competitors, but these companies have teamed up to reinvent tourism in Mexico

August 24, 2020

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They were competitors, but these companies have teamed up to reinvent tourism in MexicoThey were competitors, but these companies have teamed up to reinvent tourism in Mexico

The fast one is the extreme adaptation of birds to life in the air. Their entire existence – with the exception of nesting – takes place in flight. This bird flies for 10 months without a break. Eat in the air, rest in the air.

This resilient bird is the perfect emblem for a new strategic alliance between the titans of the meeting industry in Mexico.

After four months of negotiations, the Paradox Planners Group was founded, a merger of talent from three renowned companies in the field. As specialists in the development, design and implementation of events, groups and national and international trips, this new proposal will ensure more quality and strengthening.

Corporativo Cuatro F, Strategic Designer from Corad Event and Tradytec – today Paradox Planners Group– Together they have almost 75 years of experience in the business tourism industry. Hence, they are expected to set a trend in a new facet triggered by the presence of the coronavirus: hybrid events.

The opportunity to reinvent yourself

The business tourism industry has long remained in its comfort zone. But the pandemic has rocked them and now we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, said Carlos Pérez, founding partner of Corporativo Cuatro F.

“We are facing a major challenge not only as an industry, but also as a country. We want to talk about unity more than ever, we want to talk about strengths, we want to break with the idea that you can’t work as a team with your competitors. “

Far seems to be the new fashion, but these three companies have decided to add strengths and create synergies. The sum of your best practices, strengths and services leads to more efficient processes.

This alliance multiplies the resources of these companies to face great challenges. “If you want different results, you have to do different things. It is a development, as a result of these other alliances, perhaps people may emerge who want to turn to us to strengthen this group. This is the time to showcase the caste as a meeting industry and a Mexican, ”added Francisco Cachafeiro, founding partner of Corad Event Strategic Designers, a company searching for solutions for meeting, corporate, social and recreational tourism is specialized.

The paradox of working with your competitor

Paradox: Said or a fact that seems to contradict logic. This is what these companies did, something extraordinary. “The normal would have been to continue as competitors and just see us in the corridors, but this situation is unexpected. So it is time to demonstrate capabilities and innovate what is being done in Mexico and around the world. Us add, we’re taking best practices from all of them, ”said Héctor Cancela, managing partner of Tradytec, a company known for its travel agency services, MICE and entertainment.

Daniel Téllez has been in this industry for three decades and knows that there is no perfect event. There’s always something missing, he says. With this alliance, which will in no way detract from the spirit of any brand, the Deputy Director of Corad Event Strategic Designers hopes that the comprehensive services they offer will achieve complete customer satisfaction.

“I don’t know of a single event that is not lacking and this is where we as a team will find the solution to keep the customer satisfied as each company works on the other’s Achilles heel and embraces these weaknesses,” he added .

Téllez realizes that these times are not easy. “But that has never been the case, we’ve seen crises at all times and the meeting industry is one of the first to be affected,” he complains. But the talent these three companies have long developed will enable them to face this situation with more solid artillery. “It’s brave to team up with someone,” he says.

Paradox Planners Group / Image: With kind permission

Hybrid events. Today the 360º concept has a new meaning

The impossibility of developing personal events Due to the current hygienic conditions, tourism is forcing meetings to create platforms that enable proximity to the audience.

Technology is changing, moving to more robust platforms that combine face-to-face with virtual is no longer a luxury but a necessity, and Paradox Planners Group is poised to offer a full range of services.

Paradox Planners Group provides logistics and event coordination services, air and ground transportation, creativity, manufacturing, public relations and an extensive portfolio of innovative ideas.

“We made Sinergia, now we are stronger and we want to transform our customers’ vision through the sum of our best practices, strengths and services, which will lead to more efficient processes. We have expanded our operational areas with the advantage of adding value, improving budgets and providing greater coverage, ”stated Liliana Cabrera, Managing Partner of Corporativo Cuatro F.

“This is a development, an amalgamation of strengths that could explode as new alliances are formed. Now is the time to work hand in hand in the meetings industry, ”concluded Daniel Téllez.

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