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They use blockchain technology for urban projects in Madrid

May 21, 2020

In Spain, Madrid Surveyors College signed an agreement with Signeblock to give the colleges a digital identity. This enables the processing of digital models in their BIM design format.This offers transparency and traceability thanks to the use of blockchain technology. This was reported by the Inmodiario portal on May 21st.

As published by Inmodiario, The goal is to achieve time optimization in every phase of the collegial efforts and units that an architecture or engineering project goes through. It is also intended to reduce the terms and to generate digital automatisms.

“”Blockchain technology, along with digital identity, offers integrity, flexibility, security, transparency and traceability.“Generate automatisms and control the processes with full legal guarantees”, they emphasized in the article.

Personalized information service on the special status of urban development efforts

They use blockchain technology for urban projects in Madrid
They use blockchain technology for urban projects in Madrid

“”Another novelty is the issue of qualified digital identities to members as this agreement implies COAATM’s performance as a SIGNE registrar. This accredits him as a trusted service provider recognized by the State Secretary for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation in accordance with Regulation EU 910/2014 (Regulation eIDAS), ”they added later.

They explained that this is a digital identity that will “contribute to blockchain transactions, the immutability and traceability of this new technology, and the legal framework for electronic identification.”

Important elements of the system

The system is based on a combination of three important elements:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Blockchain
  • Digital identity (Qualif_ID)

It should be noted that BIM is a collaborative working method for the creation and management of construction projects that enable the involvement of all its agents.

“With the digital enabler of the GOUZE platform, which is based on blockchain technology and IoT (Internet of Things), digital models can become carriers of their own information throughout their entire life cycle. In this way, administrative processes become part of their history and not as a parallel, unrelated process, “they said.

Then they made it clear that blockchain technology enables the construction of an interconnected ecosystem that offers resistance to potential cyber attacks.

Electronic processing and digital identity

With regard to the electronic processing processes, the qualified digital identity (Qualif_ID) issued to the members would enable the blockchain identity to be adapted to Spanish legislation and the eIDAS regulation of the European Union. “The work of the college as a registration authority guarantees that the issuing of identities is integrated and linked to the professional qualities that the COAATM grants to its members. It is therefore a digital identity that will contribute to blockchain transactions, the immutability and traceability of this new technology, and the legal framework for electronic identification, ”they concluded.

About Surveyors College

The official college of surveying engineers and technical architects from Madrid represents surveying engineers, technical architects and civil engineers from Madrid.

Through the Madrid Surveyors Group, the college offers different types of services to citizens, union members and all construction professionals.

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