They tabled a bill on crypto assets at the Argentine Nation’s Congress

Recently, Cointelegraph en Español reported that the Argentine MP Ignacio Torres of the opposition front “Together for Change” is working on a bill on cryptocurrencies to be presented in the Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine nation. Before this initiative of the lower house “Frente de Todos” officially reached the lower house, they hurried to present another project that is also related to the topic of crypto and blockchain. This was reported by the Latam cybersecurity portal.

The article published by Ciberseguridad Latam pointed this out The initiative bears the number 6055-D-2020 and has the signatures of the deputy Liliana Schwindt and the deputy Marcos Cleri.

“”The nation’s Chamber of Deputies has already tabled the first bill that establishes a legal framework for all transactions, civil and commercial operations involving crypto assets, either as means of payment, savings or investment, including the entire fintech ecosystem, whether it be are human, legal, private or public persons who are domiciled in Germany or abroad”They highlighted in this publication.

They tabled a bill on crypto assets at the Argentine Nation’s Congress
They tabled a bill on crypto assets at the Argentine Nation’s Congress

Apparently the idea of ​​this project was based on what was discussed last year with more than 300 students from national universities.

“”The proposal to regulate cryptocurrencies emerged from an academic-legislative activity entitled “Role Change” carried out by the Institute for Strategic Studies and International Relations (IEERI) of the legislature of the Argentine nation on June 6th and 7th, 2019which brought together students from nine national universities across the country who were involved in careers in political science, international relations and business and international experts, ”they explained in the article.

The other bill

How Cointelegraph learned in Spanish Regarding the other initiative sponsored by Deputy Ignacio Torres, the idea is to continue speaking with different sectors to complete or correct the draft of the project before a formal proposal is presented to the National Congress.

With this in mind, Efraín Barraza, Athena Bitcoin Operations Manager in Argentina; and Alberto Vega, CEO of Bithan, who had helped draft the project, had already told Cointelegraph en Español that they would like to discuss the matter in a legal framework.

Both Barraza and Vega noticed this The interest on your side is that there are conversations and debates about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Argentina, so as not to relegate, and taking into account that other countries are already discussing these issues.

Efraín Barraza stated, “We understand that in order for the ecosystem to grow, it cannot be outside the law.” And he emphasized the importance of users and investors having some protection.

On the other hand, Alberto Vega emphasized: “It is important to consider where Argentina stands and how we, as a pioneer country in the field of cryptography, can achieve advantages.”

Regarding working with Congressman Torres, these two executives said they had already worked on the issue and reached out to lawmakers to be one of the youngest, but that they also had a better understanding of the technology and were already interested in that Topic.

It is important to clarify that neither Barraza nor Vega believe this initiative is a letter in stone that will be approved quickly. It is important for them to start a discussion so that the different players can deal with the topic.

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