They propose the idea and Busher Franchises prepares them for growth

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Corona virus or not, Franchise as a business model They stay afloat in Mexico and the world. Although various twists have been hit hard, there are also those who have removed and adjusted the caste to overcome this health crisis hand in hand with their franchisees.

They propose the idea and Busher Franchises prepares them for growth
They propose the idea and Busher Franchises prepares them for growth

“Today, more than ever, we need to start with the experiences and tools that franchisors can provide,” said Jorge Ocañas, CEO of Busher franchise, a consulting firm affiliated with the Mexican Franchise Association with 15 years of industry experience.

The opportunity to develop great ideas moves this consulting firm, which has more than 150 brands with which it has worked, mainly in the food, health and wellness, textile, dry cleaning and laundry, and messaging industries.

Professional and customized services

One of its services is Franchise development, including Montoneras Donas, Busher Cocdril, Great Chicken and Churro Frozen El Barreño, to name a few. Busher franchise offers various development programs that are tailored to the needs of companies and their capital. “For us the Power of entrepreneurship It has no profile; We focus on the particularity of each brand and its likelihood of being reproduced, ”says Jorge.

Once the service is formalized, the consultant collects all specific information about the brand using specific digital questionnaires to develop the project. After just three months, the company is preparing its new franchise model for commercialization and can choose the commercialization service from Busher franchiseif the franchisor so wishes.

As the manager explains, that is Franchise marketing The implementation is carried out by professional sales staff according to the concept of percentage commission payment, which is paid when a franchise unit is sold. In addition, the consultant has the opportunity to offer the franchise among its potential applicants and to advertise brands on various digital platforms in order to promote the placement of new sales outlets.

But the relationship doesn’t end there. The consultancy also offers intensive post-development training and advisory services so that the new franchisor can use its development on time, correctly and effectively and grow with the required legal certainty across the country.

“All brands developed by Busher franchise They are currently successful, have seen significant and accelerated growth at the national level, and are present in every state in the republic, ”says Jorge.

In a complementary way Busher franchise supports its customers in the development of websites, brand registrations, franchise contracts, memberships of the Mexican Association of Franchises, sales and tax rates and web promotion.

One aspect of this advice is that the services can be purchased in programs (from 34,000 pesos + VAT) or individually. This means that if, for example, a brand already has a marketing department to carry out the advertising, this benefit can be deducted from the final cost of the program. Or if only the development of the franchise model is required, only this support is given.

Franchise vs. Corona virus

2020 was a difficult year for investments and companies in general. Nevertheless, companies like Busher franchise offer a light of hope for those who want to participate in the Franchise sectorEither by investing in a franchise or by transforming your existing business into a franchise to grow.

“Every crisis has three elements: there is always a solution, an expiry date and lessons for the professional or personal area,” says Jorge. “We are the ideology that in the worst of the crises Better opportunities and it is when genius and creativity lead you to success; Good entrepreneurs come out in bad times. “

Despite all adversity Busher franchise She hopes to end 2020 with positive balance sheets and to launch more than 15 new brands for reproduction across the country. And for the following year he hopes to be able to expand his clients’ projects to North America. Undoubtedly good news in the current economic landscape that shows that even in times of crisis there are Mexican business people who continue to drive projects and investments.

If you would like to be part of the investor portfolio or purchase one of its franchise entry services, contact the advisor on their website, on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

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