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They present #YoContagioLoMejor, a campaign that promotes the exchange of good news

May 14, 2020

This initiative aims to create a critical mind in receiving and sharing information to avoid this, from spreading fake news to fear of information.

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They present #YoContagioLoMejor, a campaign that promotes the exchange of good newsThey present #YoContagioLoMejor, a campaign that promotes the exchange of good news

“For the best, a civil society that tries to improve the quality of media content in order to create a harmonious relationship between them and society, is promoting a campaign called “#YoContagioLoMejorThe aim is to make solidarity visible and to support measures taken in connection with the Covid 19 crisis.

It also tries to create a critical mind by receiving and exchanging information to avoid spreading fake news even fear of information.

“According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization So that we can take care of our mental health, starting with thanking the people at the forefront of the pandemic, reducing the information diet to one or two days a day, spreading rumors or assumptions and sharing stories We believe that the media and social networks are vital. That’s why we launched it “#YoContagioLoMejor”, explains Gabriela Delgado, communications director of the association.

The campaign started in April this year via the social networks and areas of the association in some media. It is intended to provide useful information for the care of one’s own mental health and social participation in existing initiatives. It has the participation of Influencers, Personalities from sports, science and culture, including chefs and entrepreneurs, will join the initiative.

“This Covid-19 emergency, in which many Mexicans are waiting for the media to either find out about the current pandemic situation or to distract themselves from detention at home, should be an opportunity now.” Give a positive perspective on who we are, a great team called Mexico, ”says Delgado.

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