They offer developers in Ecuador training courses on disruptive technologies such as blockchain

Holberton School, the Silicon Valley programming academy home to the world’s leading technology companies, announced the inauguration of a new campus in Ecuador to prepare the new generation of software developers for disruptive technologies like blockchain. This was highlighted by New Time in its digital publication.

The Coderise International Foundation joins the Holberton School, a project-based university alternative, to offer Ecuadorians an innovative opportunity to professionally train them in software development.

This new educational proposal is presented online thanks to a local alliance with Buen Trip Hub, the local incubator for technology startups. According to the Radar Tech Startup study conducted by Buen Trip, they show that software engineering is one of the careers of the future and that there is great demand in the Ecuadorian market. Around 250 startups are currently looking for highly qualified software engineers in the country to ensure the growth of their business.

They offer developers in Ecuador training courses on disruptive technologies such as blockchain
They offer developers in Ecuador training courses on disruptive technologies such as blockchain

Likewise, Recently, the International Labor Organization (ILO) determined that e-commerce, software development, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the main sectors creating jobs in Ecuador.

In this regard, Carmen de la Cerda, Director of Buen Trip Hub commented:

“Holberton will provide top-notch education to Ecuadorian students. Access to these techniques and knowledge is essential as it empowers our local talents and enables them to become technologists and innovators. “

For his part, Sylvain Kalache, co-founder and president of Holberton, mentioned that the number of new tech companies in Ecuador has tripled in the past two years, adding:

“We’re excited to be part of the solution by making our Silicon Valley basic education accessible to Ecuadorians,” he said.

Holberton school program

In contrast to the traditional educational system, Holberton’s educational proposal bases its methodology on the constant development of projects according to deadlines and peer learning. The learning model focuses on the management of programming languages ​​with a projection into the future with the aim of guaranteeing better opportunities for students and turning them into top-notch professionals.

The Holberton School operates in Ecuador as a distance learning program, the activities of which are carried out online only. due to the current health situation that exists worldwide, Looking to the future of student coworking spaces to connect to the Holberton cloud platform.

The developed program requires full time and lasts 9 months. You can then enter the world of work. The first three modules focus on the basics of computer science and software development, with the methodology being based on projects and in collaboration between peers (peer-to-peer, cohort basis and project basis).

Likewise, after completing the software developer training, the student has the opportunity to deepen and deepen their knowledge through advanced programs that include machine learning, web stack, algorithms / blockchain and augmented reality / virtual reality.

For those interested in the program, the Shared Income Agreement (AIC) has been set up, which is based on studying for no pay until finding a job. That is, once the graduates get a stable source of employment, they contribute 17% of their income to the academy for 42 months.

Applications for the Holberton School program are open until January 20 of the current year through the website and are aimed at students with an educational background aged 18 and over. However, a basic knowledge of English is required as the activities are developed in an international setting.

However, applicants with these language needs, Coderise and Buen Trip Hub, offer a support program so that attendees can strengthen the language as they learn to code.

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