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They offer a webinar on digital authentication

May 23, 2020

The webinar “Notary Digital: A Technological and Legal Transformation” by Nacho Flores will be held on May 27 at 7 p.m. (Mexico City time).

The goal is to deploy Knowledge of technological topics that can be helpful in notarial practice.

The following topics are on the agenda:

  1. Platform for digital signing
  2. Digital currency protection mechanisms
  3. New clients and digital legal advice
They offer a webinar on digital authentication
They offer a webinar on digital authentication

This online chat is aimed at notaries, public brokers, lawyers, etc.

About Nacho Flores and Fido

Nacho Flores is a fintech lecturer and entrepreneur. He is an exhibitor, businessman and founder of the platform, which is designed to help real estate agents to protect the timely and full payment of their commissions.

“My goal is to create the largest digital brokerage community in Latin America. I understand that technology education is essential. The future of real estate is on digital platforms and we need to learn how to use new real estate business models in our favor “Flores pointed out.

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Fido is a digital escrow in Mexico. As they assure with the signature, they enable all participants in the sales process the legal and financial security of the action.

They also pointed out that by creating, signing and securing digital contracts, Fido validates the safekeeping of funds during purchases and sales that enables participants to be protected in the following ways

  • It assures buyers that the money from their purchase is secured throughout the process.
  • The sellers are guaranteed full payment for their sales.

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