They offer a webinar on blockchain, smart contracts and disruptions in industry

A webinar entitled “Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Disruption in the Indu” will take place on Friday, July 24thstrias “. This was reported by Blockbear through his LinkedIn account.

This initiative is organized by IEEE ComSoc and will be responsible for Ignacio Varese, co-founder of Blockbear Software Solutions.

“”The webinar introduces blockchain technology, explaining how the technology started with Bitcoin, how it works, and the key features of blockchain. An introduction to smart contracts is then given, explaining why they are important for the creation of decentralized applications. Finally, use cases are shown that have an impact on and disrupt industry, “said the organizers.

They offer a webinar on blockchain, smart contracts and disruptions in industry
They offer a webinar on blockchain, smart contracts and disruptions in industry

Ignacio Varese is a Computer Engineer, PMP with a Master in Business Administration. He also has 20 years of experience in technology projects in Uruguay and various Latin American countries. He is not only co-founder of Blockbear Software Solutions, but also co-founder of Blockcfashion and co-founder of the Uruguay Blockchain Summit.

In August 2019, Cointelegraph en Español interviewed Ignacio Varese. On this occasion, he replied to the question of how he saw interest in blockchain technology in Uruguay:

“I see a very big development. I remember that at the beginning of my year 2016, there was hardly anyone who knew about it in order to consult or exchange knowledge. It was like I was alone in all of this. That is why we are pushing ourselves to start Meetups. Since this first meeting in early 2017 that we were ten people, I see an enormous development to this day. Currently, not every blockchain meetup drops from 30 participants, we have meetups with 80 and 100 participants, which is a lot for Uruguay, and there are now several groups of meetups with different blockchain technologies. At the same time, in September of last year 2018, the Crypto Bay Montevideo community was founded, which was sponsored by Pablo Coirolo. Several sponsors have come together to promote Uruguay as a technology center and attract blockchain companies from abroad to install Uruguay. Today we already have several international blockchain companies that have been or are being installed. At the same time, blockchain courses were being taught in universities, and there have been several initiatives by the government that have made tremendous progress. However, acceptance by private companies is slower and steady. Some are starting to record it, others have it on the agenda at short notice. I really see this growth in such a short time and it is very rewarding. “

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