They make international logistics easier for entrepreneurs and SMEs

UPS and Estafeta have entered into a commercial cooperation agreement so that Mexican SMEs can bring their products to 220 countries.

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They make international logistics easier for entrepreneurs and SMEs
They make international logistics easier for entrepreneurs and SMEs

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Provided it is time to help SMEs UPS and post Office teamed up and formed a strategic business alliance to support these companies Connect with 220 countries and territories around the world.

Cooperation between the two brands begins at 160 Estafeta contact points where companies can connect their international shipments to UPS’s global network through their global aviation hub in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

This allows exporters to reach the US market in one day while taking advantage of the new T-MEC to reduce the time, cost and complexity of cross-border trade, especially for key industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and high technology .

Griselda Hernández, Director of Marketing and Customer Service Estafeta, realized that Mexican companies were very innovative and presented their products and services on different platforms. “It is an opportunity to support them,” he said.

How? With advice, because they understand the complexity of logistics. “Many MSMEs cannot place their products. This alliance protects them in international trade to use Mexico’s products for these new export opportunities, “he said.

Estafeta’s contact points are in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Querétaro. In recent years, Estafeta has spearheaded Mexican exports.

Photo: Courtesy of Estafeta-UPS

For his part, Michael Cuesta, Marketing Director of UPS Mexico, admitted that online sales of SMEs accelerated during the COVID 19 pandemic as these companies decided to test the platforms or close their businesses.

He noted that 10% of smaller companies are already sending international trade and that with the entry of the T-MECwho has one specific chapter for SMEsthe chances for this segment can be increased.

Cuesta pointed out that, according to a study conducted by UPS each year, more SMEs are trying to take advantage of them, but have not done so because they do not know how to do it, and language is another obstacle. However, he realized that the largest market is the United States, which offers opportunities similar to those of large companies.

“Many broadcast to the automotive and aerospace industries. SMEs are heavily involved in these industries, not just in the craft, food and textile sectors. We find that the profile of SMEs is not that different from that of large companies, “said the UPS manager.

Regarding the markets that Mexican exports go to, he stated that 60% is US and the remaining 40% is other countries in the world.


With the agreement between UPS and Estafeta, Mexican companies can expect benefits in the following ways:

  • Reliable and competitive transit times. Direct connections promote the speed of the market, which is a competitive advantage for critical industries or for highly controlled production lines such as aerospace or automotive.
  • Advantages of the new T-MEC. The updated agreement will simplify shipping of their products to North America and facilitate entry into neighboring markets as demand for cross-border transportation services increases.
  • Improvements in e-commerce functions. For online sellers, offering fast, reliable, and visible end-user deliveries encourages repeat purchases. This collaboration enables entrepreneurs to get in touch with their customers and suppliers more quickly.

Visit the UPS Locator on their website to determine the benefits of this new collaboration and find one point closer.

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