They make collaboration more efficient for SMEs is officially launched in Mexico with the mission of empowering teams to manage their projects, processes and daily work.

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They make collaboration more efficient for SMEs
They make collaboration more efficient for SMEs

Regardless of their size, companies in Mexico have had to adapt to new remote working regulations. One of the challenges of this model is to organize workflows and prioritize the tasks to be performed.

There are various technological tools that teams can use to organize themselves better and increase their productivity. One of them is, a customizable operating system that teams use to create and design workflows to plan, execute, and track their processes, projects, and operations.

This platform of Israeli origin works as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the web and adapts to every industry. It is currently used by more than 115,000 teams in 180 countries and is officially launched in Mexico this week.

“We want to empower teams to manage their projects, processes and day-to-day work with confidence and in the way that best suits them. That way, they can focus on making an impact together, constantly innovating or finding solutions to various problems, ”said Carlos Kamimura, Director of LATAM Alliances at


The platform is flexible and intuitive: it works on a scheme of blocks and boards that make it easier to see the progress of tasks and projects. You can even integrate some of the most popular tools in offices around the world such as Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk or Zoom into the same space. with just a few clicks and in a single browser tab.

In addition, it has pre-built templates with built-in dashboards and tools that have everything you need to complete the most important tasks of the day. So you can make decisions based on data and in real time. In addition, project managers can manage groups of three to 5,000 people. was founded in 2012 by Roy Mann and Eran Zinmann in Tel Aviv, Israel and is now one of the most valuable and fastest growing startups worldwide.

It is currently fully adapted to the national market, available in Spanish and includes a Spanish-speaking customer service and support team, as well as the ability to pay in national currency. It is already used by 3,800 teams in Mexico.

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