They hacked the 2gether platform and affected crypto investment accounts

Crypto investment accounts of the 2gether platform operating in Europe were hacked last Friday. This was reported by the company’s CEO, Ramón Ferraz Your Twitter account.

“We are sorry to inform you that 2gether’s crypto accounts were hacked yesterday (Friday) at 6:00 pm. We are working to ensure that the servers are not compromised before the service is stopped. We will keep you informed “was one of the first messages. where it said what had happened.

Then Ferraz added that Wallets were safe, as was the euro, but recognized: “Hacking Affects Crypto Investment Accounts”

They hacked the 2gether platform and affected crypto investment accounts
They hacked the 2gether platform and affected crypto investment accounts

“Also, Passwords have been compromised. Although they are encrypted, we recommend that you change them if you use them on other platforms“he added.

Later the information about the stolen amount was updated: “According to initial analyzes, the stolen crypto amount amounts to around 1.3 million euros. “

On the other hand, he said: “The 2gether customers’ credit / debit cards were not compromised, both those from 2gether and those used for top-up. The 2GTs too“”

According to Ferraz, they collected the information from the time of signing to process the complaint to the state security forces and bodies.

About 2gether

2gether is a Spanish initiative founded by Salvador Casquero and Luis Estrada, specialists with extensive experience in the financial sector and with expertise as a promoter of digital companies. After opening in Spain, the company expanded its activities to 22 countries in Europe.

As a mobile application, it was adopted by cryptocurrency traders in Europe, so that digital assets can be bought on the phone with just a few clicks. In addition, 2gether users are rewarded every time they contribute to the platform in 2GT, the company’s native token.

On the other hand, 2gether was selected by Actualidad Económica as one of the 100 best ideas of 2019 as the most innovative fintech at the Spanish Fintech Awards 2019 by Finnovating and selected by Lanzadera as part of its program among the 100 finalists of the South Summit 2019 acceleration. It was recently awarded the Innovative SME Seal by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

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